How iRazoo Works

Step1Do any of the following things on our site to earn points

Navigate to our top menu and hover over "Earn Points"

Step2Use your earned points and exchange them for prizes

Navigate to our top menu and hover over "Prizes"

How it all works (Technical explaination)

iRazoo is a user recommended, points driven, search engine.

What does that all mean? Well, let's break it down for you.

I. User-recommended (Utilizes our Patent-Pending technology/methodology):
A person goes to the iRazoo website and uses it to perform a search query. The search engine produces it's search results. The user then clicks on a search result. The resulting website that comes out of the click is opened up on another web page. That web page has the header of the original iRazoo search engine with the resulting website page beneath it. That header has the following wording “Do you recommend this site, yes or no.” If the user clicks yes, that website url is placed into a database and is cross-indexed to the search term the user entered. After the url and keyword have been recorded by the database, then the next time a user goes to the search engine and types in the same search term, a “user recommended” heading will show in the results page with the indexed url shown below. These “user recommended” results will be shown above the regular search results that are returned by our regular search engine.

Advantages of our user-recommended search engine invention:
iRazoo has the following advantages over regular, cached and indexed search engines: (1) One advantage is the invention allows search engine users to use human collaboration to produce a better search result than a computer program can produce. (2) Allows people to interact in their search experience rather than have a passive experience. (3) Allow human likes and dislikes to rank search results higher than others, thereby allowing subjective tastes rather than data, produce a search result that may be more beneficial to the user, (4) People can directly use their likes and dislikes to influence others, (5) The results will be up to date and will most likely not have any “dead links”, (6) The search results will reflect popular culture and will hopefully not be “old” information.

In summary:
We believe current search engines do not provide accurate results. Many times, 9 out of 10 search results are out of date or inaccurate. We believe that by allowing users to further refine the results by recommending or not recommending websites, all users benefit from the enhanced search results.

II. Points driven (Utilizes the methodolgy invented by our main founder who developed it back in 1999)

Each time a user recommends a website, the user will accumulate “points”. For example, each time a user clicks on the “recommend” button, user will receive “2” (two) points. If user recommends (or doesn’t recommend) 3 websites, user will receive 6 “points”. At the top, bottom, or middle of the user’s computer screen (or in-between), on most every page of the search engine website (after user registers on the website and logs-in) there will be at the right top, the user’s “Points earned today”. This “Points earned today” will be an accumulation of all points that this particular user has received since the begining of the day. In the top left portion of the webpage, there will be a "Total Points earned" section which gives the user the total number of points earned since the user first registered on the website. User can also click on an account page on the search engine’s website, which will open up a new web page which will show both the user’s total number of points accumulated and what items can be redeemed/exchanged for those points. On this account page (or separate catalog page), there will be a list of items under user’s “total points” earned. These items will have descriptions that describe each item and will indicate to the user how many “points” are needed for this particular item. For example, user may have 10 points. User will then click on the account page and see an item such as a DVD player for 7 points. User can then click on the image or description of the DVD player and then click on the button for next web page or may be automatically taken to the next web page. User will then be taken to a shopping cart website page which will confirm whether user would like to exchange points for the item (in this example, the DVD player). If user does not agree, user is taken back to search page or main account page. If user agrees, user may type in shipping address (if user did not already do so on main account page). User will then click on “submit” to again confirm and actually initiate transaction. Loyalty rewards software will then actually allow user to “purchase” item with accumulated points. A confirmation screen will be shown along with user’s new total number of points (since points were adjusted after the user exchanged his/her points for merchandise). In the past example, user will exchange 7 points in return for the DVD player. The user will then have only 3 points left in his account (User had 10 points – the cost of the DVD player which is 7 points = this leaves user with only 3 points). User will then have DVD player shipped to him by iRazoo or by partner of iRazoo. User can then go back to the main account page or to the search page that has the textbox on it (within the same website).

Advantages of our points system:

(1) Search engines do not currently incentivize users with points for using their search engine each and every time a user performs a search on the search engine website. (2) By incentivizing users, the search engine creates loyalty among users who return to both benefit from the search engine’s user recommended results and to gain points which they can redeem for merchandise. (3) Like with credit cards or other programs that reward users for points, this method allows users to feel appreciated for using a particular search engine website. Users feel like they are actually being rewarded for their time spent on a search engine website, rather than wasting time and getting “something for nothing.”

In Summary:
Our points system allows users to benefit from using the iRazoo seach engine. Users can earn points and redeem those points for great prizes. Now you can actually benefit from great search results and receive great gifts in the process!

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