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Welcome to
Restaurant chain specializing in Original Recipe fried chicken, homestyle side dishes, and fresh biscuits. Find nutrition facts, store locator, menu, and recipes.
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melawson says: nice site...great chicken
cyndi48 says: love their chicken & you can get coupons from their site to save when you buy it
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dhutch says: hate their chicken
the5rupps says: Alot of good information
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abone says: interesting
Javier1203 says: The ads make me hungry...
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SlimNate says: grilled chicken ftw
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irazoonbakid says: GRILLED not fried
laceyhope says: Great site. Any site that makes you hungry as soon as you open it has to be good.
forgotten118 says: awsome
Siouxsan says: try their grilled chicken!
JenniferHaga says: good food
shad2fast4u says: yes this is good
smileycracker says: I love their grilled chicken and their mac n cheese
seapotato says: a
afrin456 says: gr8
afrin456 says: nice
afrin456 says: no
laceyhope says: Gottaa love it. Love the site and the chicken.
ss_tan says: their grilled chicken is bomb !!
Michi says: i tottally recomend it
xcode14 says: gf
keiths001 says: Usually pretty good chicken
melissad416 says: amazing
sdweeks says: provides menu and nutrition information about their food
forgotten117 says: awsome
pickpocket says: Ok
pickpocket says: Ok
queen88 says: good food
lawnanoe says: try the new grilled chicken it tastes so much better than the regular kind.
BubbyBobble says: Good site. I love KFC's fried chicken.
damian3cruz says: good site
JordanIV says: good site
Moonlight23 says: i love their chicken
ikewalker says: yum
Mithrandil says: ok site
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sweetdunne25 says: Ilove kfc
DonnaG says: They should include more vegetarian options
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jenny198253 says: helpful
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eve252 says: safe site
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rubayed says: very nice yum yum orioer nice food for cheap costs only $10 for a subday bucket which has 10 pieces from any recipe any way
orighammer says: Official KFC site.
frances says: great
lorien says: Great Site
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iRDulal says: TASTY
iRDulal says: XD
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Daemonisk says: fried chicken
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dgranna says: Restaurant Site
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MsAspy says: KFC US site.
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Online Coupons -
Home > Printable Coupons. Before accessing KFC's Online Coupons, please take a moment to fill out your ... Please consult KFC's Privacy Policy with any ...
   Rank is 2,  Recommendations are 6
pickpocket says: Ok
bandtqb says: good
bugmaned says: yes
Free KFC Coupon -
Get your coupon for two pieces of Kentucky Grilled Chicken, two sides and a biscuit. ... KFC restaurants that are selling Kentucky Grilled Chicken™ Questions ...
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nastyboy says: great information
pickpocket says: Ok
bertrand11 says: this didn't work at all as people complained about this
Free KFC Coupons
Find Kentucky Fried Chicken Coupons
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bujji8212 says: cool
hunterjml says: wresry6uhjuj
KFC Online Coupons
KFC Online Coupons - Find custom offers for your zip code.
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lisakraemer says: very good
KFC Coupons, Printable KFC Coupon -
Get FREE KFC coupon codes, promotion codes and printable coupons! Find and share coupons at
   Rank is 6,  Recommendations are 2
Printable Coupons: KFC Coupons ( Kentucky Fried Chicken )
Printable Coupons: KFC Coupons ( Kentucky Fried Chicken ) - Print Coupons and Save ! Enjoy free printable grocery coupons,betty crocker food coupons, printable ...
   Rank is 7,  Recommendations are 1
KFC Coupon for, KFC Coupons and Discounts -
Save with KFC coupons. Use free KFC online coupons at and save when shopping online. ... In-Store, Printable Coupons for KFC ...
   Rank is 8,  Recommendations are 1
pickpocket says: Ok
Wow coupons - Free printable Retail Store Coupons
Wow coupons - #1 source for Free coupons offers printable Retail Store coupons ... Various $$ off printable coupons. Expires: Jan 31, 2009. Walgreens Pharmacy ...
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jiblij says: lots of offers listed, someones put a lot of work into this site.
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cstrawser81 says: Good for coupons
Canadian Coupons - Online Coupons, In-store Coupons, Grocery ...
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   Rank is 10,  Recommendations are 29
Sunraven says: yes great site for coupon use but the owner is unprofessional
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michaels Coupons, 20% off michaels Coupon, Code, Codes
... Promotional Codes, michaels Printable Coupons, michaels Free Shipping! ... also michaels arts and crafts accepts ac moore coupons! posted by ...
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Simply1 says: Great!
ruready4money says: Grat
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frogcarpet says: coupons
Evie1955 says: Michaels Coupons
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Downy Wrinkle Releaser :: Coupons
I verify I am 18 years of age or older * Yes No : Zip Code * Would you like to subscribe to our newsletter to receive even more money-saving coupons?
   Rank is 12,  Recommendations are 12
biko says: great
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deraldamy says: YAY Procter & Gamble!!
tgart5 says: great
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Shop KFC -
Therefore, at KFC we take every precaution to ensure the security of all transactions. ... For additional security reasons, KFC does not retain credit card ...
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chicken says: dfyf
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dns01 says: cool
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jlcd says: official site
Jacksoi says: good
berrypie says: Fried ck sounds good for dinner
katieRuiz says: yes

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