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Project 64 Discussion [Archive] - Page 2 -
Legend of zelda - Ocarina of time save state request. Pokemon Stadium Save Request ... need help on pj64. Conker's Bad Fur Day Problems. cheats in zelda OOT ...
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Nintendo 64 Emulation [Archive] - Emu X Haven
troubles with goldeneye om PJ64. troubles with goldeneye om pj64 ... Cheats. Cheats. zelda MM color problem. Kirby 64 help. Kirby 64 help. zelda MM color problem ...
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Manual and Guides
You will be asked to choose a language the first time pj64 is run. ... If you want to go fullscreen, this is under the Options menu or shortcut ALT+ENTER. ...
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dominnater says: its ok
junglefrog says: cool
bee67 says: good

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