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   Rank is 1,  Recommendations are 1313
dongwon says: This site has info on basically anything. However, beware some of these information are false since anyone can basically alter any articles in this site.
BECCA says: cool
laceyhope says: Probably one of the best sites and most used on the web.
kmiller8 says: Best Site ever!
DavidDJ says: cool
plokiju says: lots of stuff
damarcus1 says: not very reliable
warrenfb9 says: SO HELPFUL!
deniableazzy07 says: cool
jintzy says: Many people say this site is bad but it's not. That's a stereotype because it depends on the users. Sometimes the information is useful and sometimes it's not.
Lucas_B says: Lots of information on tons of subjects.
ramyaseethu says: always the best
aurazeth says: so great
Hotaru6 says: Good for anything
jimbo2100 says: best encyclopedia
visionpwned says: awesome
shad2fast4u says: just a great website!
letishar says: Great for finding information.
AeroX23 says: Community built. HA! It's full of lies
agn4ms says: awesome!
AKAsh12321 says: the best knowledge site
Metallic_Alligator says: Great Info
sniper009 says: very nice
mistinchad says: good site
bhavz_x says: best to find info
sik1 says: cool
Kickflip says: ok
siddharths8ster says: Cool
gumnum2 says: LOL
mdininio says: wiki knows all
luis45 says: camorgfngff
abhiram says: best community website
Swaggalicious says: very informative site
afw4402 says: fgdfgs
hanif_007 says: ok
afshan007 says: ok
faisalwale says: y
mizx1 says: good translator
Jayld14 says: greatest online info site ever
kreid415 says: good site
CoolGuy00 says: Online encyclopedia.
oxmostarkaxo says: Easy to use. Has most common knowledge. Very useful for research purposes even though it cannot be used a resource for academic purposes.
HenryHdz0994 says: Best encyclopedia
boningl says: good
mathgenius32 says: good and informational
mild546 says: wikipedia rules
MetalHead says: Who doesn't find Wikipedia helpful?
junglefrog says: fun
surfguitat38 says: adf
thenextslash says: -- to win free amazon gift cards by signing up and just searching
hugwashere says: great site
smackyourself11 says: nice
tsubasa94 says: a reliable resoucse of info
ryan792695 says: yes
lildawg99 says: nice
luckyone396 says: lots of info
jburke88 says: Its ok
burnsideways says: wiki
Amaterasu says: Some accurate, some not
sayeda40 says: ok
luvzbooks says: great source of all kinds of info
MinruWind says: Wikipedia has helped me more times than I could count!
KudoKaitou says: WIKIPEDIA SUC
iSasha says: cool
dannedalito says: good
howhut says: c
bertrand11 says: not accurate info
gerker says: awesome
ramsey says: yeahhhh
shreyasg74 says: top of the mind recall site
robjr says: nice site in cases
Xage says: Despite being open to anyone who can freely edit the information, this site has actually proven to be very useful. I sometimes use it when I want to know about certain events or when I want to catch the latest info about something.
Mamoon says: encyclopedia
PR0187 says: wikipedia, who doesnt love that.
astarxx says: good knoledge site
shadowfox1 says: Teachers and professors may hate it, but people who don't mind taking a chance can learn a lot from this super-informative website.
northcutt1023 says: ya it give you quick info
itunes10 says: good site to get great infornation
MarioT says: great for school projects
suupertramp says: Although anybody can edit it, mostly if its wrong other people will correct
bibliophile1123 says: minor inaccuracies, but excellent for quick, casual reference
amethest says: this site rocks for information for school projects
ammoun8 says: reich guy
angus6pounder says: yeah
Dee2019nc says: Good site, I recommend it
sans says: online encyclopedia
Hanizzz says: I can know everything in my life from this wikipedia.
Badger93 says: Best site ever!
beinghappy4ever says: ok good i
loveishome says: good site
Keyboardkid13 says: My Favourite Info Site
jr790 says: uninformative
GoldenFlake says: great source of info on just about anything!
dylan44 says: its ok
f4isal says: great for homework
tiggerthecharles says: nice
tiggerthecharles says: nice info
henry127 says: okay i quess but sometimes wrong lol
mattkickbox says: Excellent source for informations of all kinds. Even if you are not allowed to use as a source, it directs you to other great sources and gives you great ideas what to search for. Great for music discographies and track listings. I love it.
kaushik00005 says: best free encyclopedia
chuckles75 says: ok
Kablooie says: convinient, has pretty much everything
Ballz19 says: helpful.
sharp says: an online encyclopedia which can be edited by anyone. Good for use of secondary sources, not to be cited.
andrewgpt says: Very good encyclopedia
jepho says: nice place to get info
AdariusH says: awesome
scutie88 says: super super site!
princemayor says: ersgEG
whoamiwaddup2345 says: everyone loves wikipedia =)
DrSpecialist says: Lots of information
supersoldierzyx says: Its really educational, but its validity is...semi-valid.
Jassenbaku says: good
ashleyrazoo says: amzing site
riz1kadri says: as
avadianne says: The best online Wikipedia anyone can caccess and add more info to!
kai09 says: good site for reference
kai09 says: good site for reference
spyngates says: yes i like
CorbertoJr says: Givsme information i need
KamEKazE says: this site is for everyone, you can find important information on anything because anyone can put in information, but that is also the drawback
bluebe says: yay
sara66 says: gd
stephanierosenhahn says: Great episode lists on this site!
bringit3 says: great site
camtheman499 says: This website is really easy to use and provides good information in many languages!!!I highly recommend it although anyone can edit stuff so take caution.
kamekaze says: main site where you can search anything
cody2010 says: great search engine!
ysoup says: this is ranked 4th ? it should be first
facaile says: good
shakarankutty says: Good informarmative site.
marypaintscars says: always great!
lavanyasai says: helpful
oohnooitzro says: love wiki!
lome says: i love wikipedia. I use it to research everything
Humanalex says: Cool
mama2twins2000 says: great
Colt45and2ZigZags says: great site for looking up info for school
jonmok1989 says: nice
hm7815383 says: good
killapup10 says: don't trust wikipedia
swamynaidu says: its nice
vick1871 says: alright
Getafe says: Best site ever... EVERYTHING you need to know is right here... and its all made by the public livng in this planet
kmat4108 says: best site on the net
theterminator09 says: worlds greatest dictionary that can help you in hwk work and office studies
tac0b3ll says: Information is what you need...
avonkimmer says: love it
belpic69 says: Beaucou d'informations! Très pratique!!! Faire attention par contre, l'information est ajoutée par les usagers, elle n'a pas été validé.
tholl01 says: very useful..especially when writing term papers.
kered5 says: good free encyclopedia - could be errored info though
moontan says: Find out about anything at
theterminator09 says: worlds best dictionary can be used by idiot of this world and intelligent people of this world
abhiram says: great website
tigertej says: yes.. it give information about everything in the world.
ibserenity says: great place for general info
cp3adds says: easy navigation great usage
vezon17 says: site to go to if you need to find information on items
MusicManipulator says: the best online encyclopedia
tennis123 says: great site
T1A60 says: in my opinion, the best free encyclopedia
gigantor says: answers to most of your questions. It's like having Ken Jennings around all the time
RoslynDDavis says: useful
santosgds says: yes
thefreebiemom says: great
athrun340 says: this website is very informative
aguilar_s24 says: I think Wikipedia is a fun website to go onto to edit stuff and see what other people have edited and see what is funny about what they wrote. Though without some of these people on the site, I would most likely never go on it at all.
itsamandarae says: the best
gamer1404 says: ifomation about everything
ganesh87v says: gain knowledge using wikipedia
markymarkweb says: Love wikipedia, the site design is very straightforward
831evilside says: i dont recommend this site because i found out that some of the imformation in here is not true i got a wrong report due to this site and i got a f for my semester i used it to do my final
darkboy12 says: Wikipedia is a great site for quick information. The site itself contains many different articles in many different languages. Just make sure to check the sources because some info can be false or bias.
Woosterxxx says: The best encyclopedia ever!
Xelir says: This page has lots of information
otm000 says: good
WIFE8EATERZ says: Not all data is correct on this website.
Mayuko says: The great online encyclopedia.
zhangweish says: nice.
redrevolver says: its a ok site
vickai says: The most informative website so far.
jkrsxp says: Great!
nathanol says: yesss
Shinshady says: Good source for information although a lot of teacher disallow this as a source
southpike1995 says: learning type website great if u want to ketchup on your reading
sha90 says: great info site
theace213 says: Awesome informational site.
Hirosha says: good info
sidz_ha says: good
sidz_ha says: good
xscbo says: great place to do some school work
effingsuperman says: good site to get some information but not all information that is...
biggaboo says: truly the best encyclopedia
dolphinclint says: One of the best places to go for information
hekezen says: a great sorce for information in much languages
vinitkhatavkar says: it's nice
JosephQuestion says: good information about various subjects
afinity says: very helpful
iKati says: The first place to look
bowey1970 says: Info given by regular people on different topics.
MadisonY0 says: Love it
JGD96 says: OK
tazzy0505 says: nice site a lot of info
mantaray says: the information hub of the net
drkdrag says: Online pedia
thaOman says: wiki is the best
matt164 says: very informative
jenjen1519 says: Best site everrr
Elite_Sniper25 says: Always helpful, esp. in school! Thanks Wikipedia!
shanesgirl says: fun site
eien12 says: good
Cyndia123 says: good
MyChemMeghan says: awesome.
chainsawishere says: wiki is the best and it has info on everyone and everything.
nightmare729 says: cool
dolphinclint says: Terrible singer
mozillais1337 says: Tons of useful information on this site.
vangieadeh says: Great idea but have to be careful
kevlar1692 says: This site although deemed as a source with possible false facts, this site can give you a general understanding about any topic even up to the days of the week
SlyPeanut says: The Free encyclopedia
Caroline74e says: Best information ever
Mom2HnJ says: informative
AngelaMS says: Informative and useful
f3arofhenry says: great info sometimes
rlbp2002 says: good
tayito04 says: gives a lot of infomation
v84 says: i like it a lot
ivettefoo says: great
zibeizhuyu says: Yes
kidownage says: pizza
TheSurveyMr says: Allows people to search Wikipedia
blackcat69 says: ioiuu
MrsChandler says: Great resource!
lbrowne1980 says: love it
sidtehsquid says: good site
OarsomeMatt says: ok
rcaacggc says: Great go to site for information on anything you can think of.
blackcardd says: Halo Reach is going to be awesome!!!
rc1111 says: yes very good place to get facts :)))))
pkr1 says: i love this website
kiethnann says: so far the info seems be right
WaterVsAnchor says: Great online resource
iam911 says: informational
gretalynn415 says: wikipedia is a great place to find things out
catfish5554 says: wiki site
Jevin says: everything you need is here.
Mike0Form says: hhhhhhh
sjmercure says: love!
zwashere says: lov ethis place
tweetysweetygala says: gr8 info
fanghe says: yes
zibeizhuyu says: Yes
skye6800 says: great site
angelicarenee says: great info
nytram11 says: took me straight to the site thanks wiki
hamoy says: good
an2mlm says: A good start in doing research
digitalclock says: amazing
JPBoy141414 says: very interesting
tweetysweetygala says: like it a lot
mrkpop says: best site!
chris7890 says: cool
jcufcn says: good site
mrkpop says: full of info
alanurgiles says: Good site for info!
TorJearro says: cool
bettina40 says: great
nixnj89 says: Woo! wikipedia :D
BuLLetss says: Lies!
selkie305 says: look up anything
dmhmhunter says: not bad
stephanie1109 says: Great site for lots of useful info!
srkdrawer says: i love usps
duckyone says: Wikipedia is awesome!
lisense says: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Tons of info on this free encylopedia, also available in many languages.
rfdopua says: lots of info
srkdrawer says: i love this site
vishu888 says: it is good website
oohnooitzro says: cool
WebMan2 says: Wikipedia is a good site to find reputable sources.
northcuttjj says: Amazing Info site
michelkilian says: its cool
wvcherrybomb says: a good idea
IG8 says: The best :)
Marjo06 says: The Best site because I cannot to my research project without it.... There are alot of information
kaelanp says: great
nicole1954 says: indtructive
joanne1234 says: good result
iwoveyou says: DRI
janet85 says: very useful site
SillyCow says: good resoure of information, tough its from a human brain
markydee says: good site
joypow1234 says: good information found here
AM23 says: lots of info here
falistina says: Informational
Doggieangel12345 says: good site
daquita77 says: :)
bindigurl08 says: good site
Azazass says: good
villalight says: mejor imposible es genial esta pagina para investigar
gm127 says: power and knowledge
varkizoo19 says: great site
kllp101 says: yes
TeenyTommy says: Largest user encyclopedia on the web.
singfirefly says: great communal encyclopedia
Stephen_ca says: Very Usefull
kaizerd1977 says: l
butterflytoday says: good website
werewolf123 says: niece
Sephiroth9999 says: good
Hikaru156184 says: good site
fadijorf says: that's right
flowersphere says: candy
jamesf says: good site
mindy126 says: good resource, but not always reliable
ashleylashun says: no one
laurannem says: great site for information
parkerface says: yes
graceste6 says: good
connilove says: best search info site
metalmeric says: One of my favorite sites. Useful for school.
inac says: love
Mithrandil says: excellent
npgagan says: i like this web
lizz2424 says: ok
mktiwari says: excellent
Mike0Form says: dogs
cncmcd says: yes
BlissfulCat says: great site for quick reference
cncmcd says: of course
bigfoot123 says: wiki
varun_ojar says: good
Ells says: wiki biki
arkana says: Great~
zouk007 says: just great
davidg says: good
siddamram says: best knowledge source
ashishmusale says: great information
Ells says: more wiki
Ells says: cikicock
wildflowers says: wikipedia
sugar75sugar says: okay
raptors4life says: cool information
ursulam says: ok
cncmcd says: okay
Fallah420 says: good website
crazelion says: great site
allmylife936 says: Hello!
allmylife936 says: WoH!
juicerogoski says: good
rubayed says: best place to gte information for just about anything also very good for people who want help on homework
Jorge123 says: ok
allmylife936 says: Good
luis9995 says: thumbs up.
paulmaster80 says: The best place to search for information. The Online Encyclopedia.
Tensivekomodo says: love it
huining says: good
kamapb says: yes
naliauntb says: rite
lanjdengb says: ok
ericiah says: awesome
82zoramac says: ok
adunn2 says: amazing
amccain says: awesome
sanuli says: good
inac says: ok
mmarcy11 says: cool
firefly1986 says: blow
matttammi says: wikipedia
jzrocker says: you can find anything on wikipedia
Xanpakuto says: Awesome
joycechen0101 says: great page
zombiepop says: Win.
lakku says: recommended
ells says: wiki
Daemonisk says: wiki
shaneomack72898 says: great site
kjack882 says: cool
kjack882 says: cool
kjack883 says: ok
kjack883 says: ok
boracio2 says: this is a cool website for information
ells says: trapped
asbnk says: ok
annamla says: fun
sanuli says: good
alanhacm says: ok
nealker says: Does anyone read these reviews?
junglefrog says: cool
umerbutt1145 says: d
sathtchd says: good
sathtchd says: giood
p_cli says: yes
japanmaple says: fff
lilvellswagg says: 12
Ells says: wikiw
garretsmomma says: ok
sanuli says: good
prisci says: good movie
cathi says: good site
oronzo111 says: ok
raptors4life says: cool website
hirtri says: iuiu
deeks says: n
deeks says: n
queen88 says: ok
sonicx2 says: ges
lovemeter says: good
hirtri says: oooko
raptors4life says: cool site
dethnova5 says: tops for info
mrbobjr says: cool
mrbobjr says: cool
mrbobjr says: cool
mrbobjr says: cool
2bball25 says: dsfdsfffd
chris6111989 says: best
kjack882 says: lovely info
kjack883 says: useful
wootgirlb says: great
wootgirlb says: great
xrayeyesb says: lots of info
hirtri says: oko
hirtri says: oko
cedarpoint420 says: good site i like it
boogid says: yes good site
faile88 says: WIN
mrbobjr says: cool
cradledemon says: good
tommygunn says: great
mrbobjr says: cool
mrbobjr says: cool
mrbobjr says: cool
mrbobjr says: cool
mrbobjr says: cool
chimang888 says: good
chimang888 says: good
chimang888 says: good
bhanuk says: no thanks
hirtri says: ooko
mattmcl224 says: gfsg
mattmcl224 says: agsd
anil11 says: ok
ajmaciel1976 says: yes
temika08 says: yell
sharonsharon30 says: love wiki
sharon886 says: cool
kg1963 says: interesting
hoblobby says: wikipedia
flowersphere says: nanana
deeks says: o
deeks says: b
kendra704 says: I dont really like wikipedia.
ajmaciel1976 says: yes good site
athan says: ok
ruthmenon says: yes
donnamaceiko says: Thanks
gamer2496 says: THIS IS AMAZING!
deeks says: s
temika08 says: gdg
Yola says: WIWW
shaboy60 says: ok
twin36a says: we
temika08 says: ghfdt
temika08 says: gygfty
ells says: jokes
ells says: stab
ells says: type one
hirtri says: okok
relickaka says: it is wiki
shanbaby623 says: okok
shanbaby623 says: good
policepro says: Great Site
nav11270 says: good site
inac says: ok
cathi says: good site
big_foot50 says: site
npsantini says: cool
eviltoilet says: favorite
Ells says: ti
Ells says: botwin
1mayday1 says: wiki good
huaweijin says: df
huaweijin says: df
morganna1afey says: love it
synder says: =)
umerbutt1145 says: g
JackTheBlack says: d
chris611989 says: ok
hirtri says: kokoko
Hitgirl says: cool
anil11 says: ok
shanil1337 says: wikipedia
santia57 says: ok
huaweijin says: cx
Brando says: a
1mayday1 says: wiki good
umerbutt1145 says: r
shanbaby623 says: okok
shanbaby623 says: okok
mg7777 says: careful
aspirer322 says: good
sosoxoxo says: ssss
lakku says: like it
Ldawson says: No Comment
pdunaway7 says: ok
redser93 says: alright
blb86 says: like
anil11 says: ok
tmc1983 says: Useful site
nakita says: ok
rwhitaker0723 says: f
rondco86 says: h
lakku says: like it
dlxqfmx says: a
taytay44 says: deutsch
davep says: awesome
jo4gamly says: ww
sathtchd says: ok
tigerdigs says: Wonderful.
anil11 says: ok
lgcoulson says: s
blandune says: kool
anil11 says: ok
ELLS says: done
silja says: no
leo1000 says: good site
rohini123 says: okay
elijahlopez23 says: good info
elijahandrewlopez210 says: kool
bhanuk says: no thanks
offictop says: ok
offictop says: ok
offictop says: ok
offictop says: ok
thuynguyen says: good
peanut06 says: No comment
atl30030 says: good
pojocow says: yes
usmprincess08 says: great
dlxqfmx says: a
amysrich says: Informative
kaylee55 says: d
cathi says: good site
Bigwill71 says: i like it
parkerface says: yes
lakku says: like
inac says: ok
cathi says: good site
Anonymous says: kool
lgcoulson says: No Comment
anil11 says: ok
EERQPD1 says: ok
tony75026 says: good site
number041796 says: cool
lakku says: like it
Sharnerius says: Great site
Sharnerius says: Great site
amiodarone says: good site.
nikkimeh says: ok
skinnypimp6131979 says: great site
lakku says: like
kikisims says: best research site on web
tiph says: love it
janed says: wiki
inac says: ok
Jerry421 says: Really good site for facts and information
jayv2 says: erkf
nealker says: ok
nealker says: ok
bhanuk says: no thanks
sathtchd says: ok
crazy4bond says: i don't care what my teahers say, this is a great source
ajmaciel1976 says: yes
Vov80 says: great site
cathi says: good site
ben says: No Comment
djsdude07 says: yes
lakku says: like
lakku says: like it
sanuli says: good
smashingprodigy says: good site
deeks says: go
lakku says: like it
nealker says: ok
cathi says: good site
clawdia says: informative
nealker says: ok
nealker says: ok
nealker says: ok
Bigwill71 says: i
nealker says: ok
luffy323 says: goods
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Black hole - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A black hole is an object in the universe that has such a strong pull of gravity, even light can't escape it. Until recently, many astronomers did not even know if they existed ...
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PP (complexity) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
PP (complexity) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search ... complexity theory, PP is the class of decision problems solvable ...
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Walther PP - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
590 g (21 oz) (PPK 9x17mm Short/.380 ACP) 590 g (21 oz) (PPK 7.65x17mm Browning SR/.32 ... 308 m/s (1,010.5 ft/s) (PPK/PPK/S/PPK-L 7.65x17mm Browning SR/.32 ACP) ...
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gardening articles, pictorial plant database, glossary of botanical terms, and gardening tips.
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Search the white pages by name and address or do a reverse search by phone number.
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