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FRIV.COM - The Best Free Online Games! [Jogos | Juegos]
A safe place to play the very best free games! Free online games, puzzle games, girls games, car games, dress up games and more. Share them with your friends online!
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Topic: friv
gamer23 says: cool website
play free online games, puzzle games, word games and win big prizes at ... play free games! win big prizes! welcome to! register or sign in ...
   Number of people who have recommended this site:  382

Topic: friv
videonut says: Fun site.
andrew4all says: alot of members here inlcuding me
ryan792695 says: no
sboun says: ehh
rainbowksaupe says: cool
cyndi48 says: great site. lots of fun games.
timbaktoo says: kool
caguli72 says: fun games.
Edward8212 says: good
kaye2010 says: Fun and great site.
dilheart93 says: dwad
tigerlilly says: yes
dylan44 says: this is good to win prises
dylan44 says: this is a easy website
tigerlilly says: very nice
whackedslacker says: Great!
82zoramac says: neat
nichao1984 says: good
brownmrk13 says: good
unreal12 says: ok
fdrago4 says: ok
ballz19 says: yes
queen88 says: ok
tigerlilly says: y
Jassenbaku says: good wenstie for makking friends while your playing
KamEKazE says: online flash gaming site that allows you to play chess and other fun games
luluy says: ok
ravin0206 says: love pogo good gaming site
splitpea11 says: have to create an acct. to play, but good selection.
samaresh427 says: good site
tora says: Used to be a member, but got frustrated with the prizes. Good for free games, though.
killergamer says: Pogo is a fun site to play games and even win some cool prizes.
swager says: hard to win cash, but free games
Smooka says: Best best, best, I'm a member there, but very very hard to win cash...I had 48 millions tokens in the draws of the week and have not win! but I'm a club pogo for the fun of the games and other stuff
samaresh427 says: good site
jojf says: nice interactive site with many features
ennechan says: good
kuber says: gud games
djosue27 says: really nice page
alks0990 says: love games
pachoss82 says: love it
brucenk457 says: yes games for fun
brucenk457 says: a better place to play games.
Alicia13952 says: This is is good
robbaz247u says: reaaly cool
gouthamkumar says: excellent
beibei0213 says: cool
softflr says: good.
Tobster says: cool
swager says: a free site to play free games.... try it out... i have an account already and this site is filled with plenty of kool free games to play... and u'll never know... u might make some new friends on this site....
bonny says: fun fun fun
pawan4332 says: qdfw
dambestdoll says: ok
vijji1968 says: like this it is nice
happy2bgrandma says: I love this site!
WyldBill says: great way 2 kill a few hrs
iKati says: games for everyone - great site.
bowey1970 says: Play free games. Fun site.
nicolema83 says: So much fun!
lilroysmom2 says: i love this site
drumdoctor says: tons of games free or club member
hotshot24 says: they have some cool games
optimogirl691 says: excellent site for games
bowey1970 says: Good site to play games. Most games are free. Some games you have to pay for a membership to play. Fun.
nicole1954 says: fun and free
LeviLady67 says: love rhis site
gupta123 says: yup... games!!!
Kyliefassbender says: Really fun site!
haganmd says: lots of games
lilshawty1130 says: Great Games
michellest says: Related sponsor links:
redboy99 says: g@yyy
chanzt says: great site. lots of free games!
kyakkat says: fun
bnorris10 says: i love pogo
myth421 says: love this site
DuvalLady says: good
mmsassie says: go here almost every day
stephsmith says: I love the games here! Plus, I can play on my ds and wifi my point wins from that to my online account!!!! SWEET!
yaser says: ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Shadrain says: Cool Site.
bhuff5 says: clubpogo great game site to win prizes
pinkunicorn says: okay site
optimogirl691 says: great site
melandart says: Nice!
Studley57 says: nothing here
Jaredlabrusso says: not what i was looking for
77nas says: fun
leahbird04 says: Payed play site.
bowey1970 says: Free online games. Great site!
aeb539 says: nice site
iamsoosexy0809 says: love this game
iluvbubbles says: wow this is a fun place to play games! check it out! you will love it
mangas says: nice
Klexstar says: Nice
sallypo says: okay
ninja99 says: ok
janee says: good
tigerlilly says: yes
tigerlilly says: yes
pitbuny says: nice site
trojanalex04 says: amazing website
MaxCristian94 says: fsafsda
skye6800 says: good
jimmyrdx2 says: coool site
hisgirl08 says: love pogo!!!!!!!
maybe says: cool
Sunshine23 says: pretty cool site
hange says: Good site
titansrock185 says: no
faisalr says: fun site for game
dannyfortuna says: thats not it
ash011386 says: cool
rishi99 says: cool
dede1961 says: great fun site
courtney4ever says: good games
WIguy12341 says: its ok.
nick21230 says: i love this site
sueconley1 says: lots of free fun games
brettyboop says: LOVE this site!!
myth421 says: Fun Game
JavanW says: nice
lowrytinam says: ok
marga_ret says: great site
jonsurvey01 says: Cool
mystikmelo says: I love POGO
mjwade22 says: great free games
kg6296 says: Fun online games
Alita says: awesome site
puffy0 says: fun games
Yola says: FREE GAMES!
floridadcc says: games
ruthmenon says: good
penniesfrhvn says: Pogo is a great site
wiguy12341 says: fun but not what it used to be
Zippyman says: fun site
sueconley1 says: cool
dede1961 says: great
wiguy12341 says: fun games but low chance to win a prize
aprild334 says: Very fun game site
ba187 says: na
queenkim98 says: not what i was looking for
underthestars says: fun site!
TheCouponQueen says: great
TheCouponQueen says: great
penniesfrhvn says: fun
screamoizsick says: no
rollinsbrian95 says: cool
coke1985 says: good.
liwamot says: nah
dparsekian says: fun
FruitySkills says: good
farahomrani says: nice
WPotter says: meh...
ruebixpenguin says: pogo
Issy says: blocmed
sue9293 says: greatest game place
The_Fallen says: good
corie4u99 says: not too shabby
susmitha says: s
silpa123 says: GOOD SITE
guy234 says: WEFswcoool
WandaJean says: play games fro free asnd win prizes, I know a frined who won nearly $4,000.00!!
kittykatz362009 says: no comment
nanazi says: good
kalima says: Decent gaming website
z7enZ says: cool site
balde says: awsome
emailnanjing says: bxaa
jackbem75 says: Love pogo games!
sueconley1 says: good
rstephens says: ok
masterjz says: Okay!
mama2jayden says: wow
sarkar says: no
sh327206 says: great info
StevenChalmers says: nice
Susanator2 says: good site
gracie53 says: yes
smashingprodigy says: love games
dlcxly says: ok
niko2k4 says: pogo is a fun website to play on
stacyntc says: k
serenelilly says: Like this
coke1985 says: good.
tigerlilly says: yes
pinklepico says: good
pigeon says: decent games
madeka says: k
bharri says: k
ptgt3rsr says: good
kidius says: flash games
dsmink says: pogo
gamer123 says: Android are cool
benton123 says: yes
usmprincess08 says: great
MsAspy says: Smallre selection of word games.
kaylee55 says: ss
bigbird930 says: ok
chc says: nice
acrelakeraz says: sweet
goneja says: that seems cool
rlbp2002 says: y
peanut06 says: ssb
peanut06 says: sf
alera says: ss
wjbowden3 says: Not great games
durge8 says: fun
jake1977 says: ss
aimeehughes says: ok
peanut06 says: ss
alera says: d
alera says: rr
legend5o5 says: ddd
z7enZ says: cool site
kaylee55 says: ss
winner1996 says: cool
KassieMarie says: Fun website
wammarama says: Pogo is cute
jake1977 says: super
kassiemarie says: great site
reb1 says: ok
peanut06 says: so so suck your toe
alera says: so what
looneylady says: good site
fonz says: cool games
kaylee55 says: w
kaylee55 says: s
zann says: yes
kaylee55 says: s
jachanc says: lost it
alicewonder says: good
lilguy718 says: this is a good website
kaylee55 says: s
alera says: so what
PrettiMamita says: fun site to play games
TechShift says: great
Dalina says: good
CarolinaCat says: Excellent game selection
lilybear says: love this site
Anonymous says: Very cool!
ekonis says: Very cool! : only the very best online games!
friv operates pretty much on a system of one in one out', so when a new game is added it simply replaces the least popular one in the existing selection. ...
   Number of people who have recommended this site:  7

Topic: friv
r4yz0r says: nice layout!!!
mesiah67 says: Great site for passing the time
Karl123 says: great idea
angelartsy72 says: very cool
   Number of people who have recommended this site:  3

Topic: friv - games, lots of games. | visit
friv ... if you do, check out friv, one of the sites that's made for those like you who ... friv may not sound like much, but you'll be surprised. ...
   Number of people who have recommended this site:  2

Topic: friv

friv: only the very best online games -
friv operates pretty much on a system of one in one out, so when a new game is added it simply replaces the least popular one in the existing selection. ...
   Number of people who have recommended this site:  2

Topic: friv

friv - games online - free flash games - play new games
friv - games online - play flash games from with more games, friv 4 shool, and more free online games
   Number of people who have recommended this site:  1

Topic: friv

://frivolity - friv or die.
friv people are drawn to friv corners like homing pigeons in every town they visit, and ... my friv leads me up tier by tier, from nothing to lofty heights. ...
   Number of people who have recommended this site:  1

Topic: friv
lacalle says: si yo no la use - games, lots of games. | visit
or do you just like games in general? if you do, check out friv, one of the sites that's made for those like you who look for game entertainment online. friv ...
   Number of people who have recommended this site:  1

Topic: friv

flash oyunlar
friv debug console. user language. games played. ul. gp. shockwave. sw. player ... .com/share.php? http:// http:// http: ...
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Topic: friv
loopyloo422 says: amazing fun
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