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KFC – News Stories About KFC - Page 1 | Newser
KFC - Find news stories, facts, pictures and video about KFC - Page 1 | Newser
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gamer23 says: cool website

latest news - kfc.com
the kfc animal welfare advisory council (awac) has convened twice in 2007 to consider and revise kfc's audit documents. policies and audit instruments were reviewed and ...
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jek9880 says: yes

kfc: news - business exchange
kfc - updated news and articles. find the latest kfc information for business professionals. kfc, based in louisville, kentucky, is fast-food chain known for selling ...
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jek9880 says: no


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DavidPhillips says: bing has a safety search
gu7zy says: fuck is.com
viji123 says: kool
bee67 says: snow pics
myan218 says: ok
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saturn5662001 says: Better then google.
junglefrog says: fun
libking says: ok
akalink777 says: fire is hot
bobsbread says: bing
DeMoney says: cool dragon pictures
RR49 says: neat
AJ47 says: GOOGLE is way better thant Bing
gu7zy says: get is.com n my ass
Denzel says: Cool
limachina says: COOL
martian says: speed is faster than others.
Chosen52 says: good
DeMoney says: that women is eating a bug
realpunjabi says: awesome
icebuy04 says: good site
tigres13 says: not relavent
setting123 says: helpful information
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jaln says: si ademas hablas español
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Denzel says: wow
lornachandler says: pretty
dinalou says: interesting
beatsdrop says: Not as good as other search sites, but still pretty decent. It's new, so I'll give them a break.
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ride223 says: nicely organized
bbl1996 says: I'm addicted to this site.
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kbank2001 says: site not working
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123gallo says: ool
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junglefrog says: cool
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ride223 says: nice graphics
TheTomato says: boring
quickfish says: funny
shekeb123 says: brooklyn
chicken says: photo pigs
things2due says: Hate bing
chouxiaoyu says: good
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Karl123 says: great
Chosen52 says: new
chouxiaoyu says: great
lisapoe says: didn't load
tigres13 says: nice layout
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Bonny says: love snow pictures
Bonny says: pretty
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japanmaple says: Nice site with lots of info.
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pingsunflower says: useful
maggie9902 says: into the deep.
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kpham says: I think google is better but it's good.
atlas64 says: it would be cool if we find more earth like planets
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carrot says: lots and lots of videos
mrgrizzdog says: Bing it!
setting123 says: helpful
carrot says: so many great pictures
cjm5150 says: I don't like the layout of Bing search. I prefer Google.
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setting123 says: can not display
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ARDERA says: i dont like this band
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mynameisjjhardy says: Bing is better than google
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C4Garuda says: proxy
Skystriker1 says: love it
shammy27 says: i kind of dislike this website beacuse am a celtics fan and in times of the finalls i choose celtics over lakers
Hungryman10 says: Win
rex277 says: excllent
angiep72 says: bing is helpful, though not quite google
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Janene says: Awesome!
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JosephQuestion says: although i use google, this site is also good for searching and also gives you news stories
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caryng3 says: cool site, great videos
carrot says: to many of the hawks not animals
keshia_cochran says: like
MadisonY0 says: I love bing way better than the others!
ventus says: aaaaaaaaa
iKati says: Still prefer Google
310lol310 says: its a cool website
310lol310 says: good website
gracewang1225 says: cool
hamoy says: ture
naruto7777 says: it is a good site
bluecatfish96 says: its ok but not my favorite videos
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Jellric says: microsoft
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chuckplane says: good
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Schack32 says: Bing
hotmail says: bing
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shutterf says: informative
awright says: forbidden?
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Riddle says: Bing Cash Back
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gracewang1225 says: no
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bee says: i dont like it
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dragonninja13005 says: alright.
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xblueocean says: Another great search engine
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godswrath says: I'm not going to recommend because of two reasons: 1) They canceled their cash back program 2) Google is better
naruto1234333 says: I like it
misskerri says: I hate bing
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sravanthi08 says: cool
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pbnj99 says: not as informative
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manbuc5 says: no
tmc1983 says: Sonny With a Chance is a decent show
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elaram says: good site
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vandana1234 says: you
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skinsfan102 says: google is simply better
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oceanlvr63 says: mitt romney 2012
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blackcardd says: Halo Reach is going to be awesome!!!
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angelenaraines says: like the details
americanjesus says: ooooooo
davidh says: The search results feel more accurate than google. I don't like the image search offered, however and unfortunately google has inherited the same style. I also miss the cashback benefits the site use to have. As a search engine I recommend.
virginia65 says: good info
lizz2424 says: not what i searched for
jessicahiggins says: yes
DanaOgle1234 says: no
DanaOgle1234 says: no site
DanaOgle1234 says: no site
bassfisher says: great site
kimisfishing says: nothing here
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Christina1985 says: My 4 year loves this site.
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KhaoticFox says: its cool
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anyak says: great site
jman725 says: Bing's got all the bells and whistles, but it's essentially the same thing as google.
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leosaysfosho says: best anime ever
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rabindra says: he he he good
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smart151 says: good search engine
silvanafv says: I dont use it much but is not bad
MrCookies187 says: yea this is what i was lokking for
Markeeze says: cool search engine, not as good as google
WaterVsAnchor says: Not as good as Google, but still good
msg12 says: good
roflcoptersftw says: bing and google are the best sites ever
moneyking52 says: awsome site
bonnie62 says: great search engine
BuLLetss says: Sucks, this search engine blows
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itsamandarae says: ok
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tamidecali says: forbidden
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samsam says: yes
thef34 says: its pretty neat
Anonymous says: hate it
TheresaMcIntosh says: Yes
gammaalpha12 says: okay
Cris1104 says: nuts
trevnjohnsmama says: bing is a good search site
afinity says: ok
Sarah143 says: hi
xotootsiexo says: great!
happygal says: hi
TheCouponQueen says: this is the best
karaz says: leaves
matttammi says: bing
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Nate says: Good site.
bigfoot123 says: seach engine
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hernandezjenny says: yummy site
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imolly says: love the freebie points
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oohnooitzro says: cool
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Esgraham44 says: another search engine like google
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mtcloset says: formerly hotmail...now live email and search engine
rwoods says: yummy recipies!
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LindseysNana says: easy to use
al4life says: pretty good search engine.
jdizzle says: tite man
annak says: i like it
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PeterPan says: another great search and win site
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daylife says: only related
bkfife says: no page shown
mommyof5 says: web page did not pull up 2x
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Qqsmile17914 says: nice
mnatious says: scary
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Mommysbaby says: bing is great
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najib says: sucks compared to google!
WildZoo says: bing has lots of cool features
kat31102 says: sure
annak says: very good
Jen1965 says: k
ViperRT says: cool
lisense says: Bing™ is Beautiful Because It's Plugged Into Everything You Are Into.
mrthomast says: bing is okay, but not as good as google. not recommended.
abone says: no
capripor says: great search tool
langgma2 says: yes, an alternative search engine
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dropthegloves says: good siye
matttammi says: bing.com
Stidehi says: good site
matttammi says: bing.com
sierrapay says: :)
Cris1104 says: yay
iKati says: bingo
tlet says: yahoo much better
rinde says: ok
yaya434 says: easy and fast
xotootsiexo says: great!
solom says: no
tmc1983 says: Nice
ryanmaymay says: bing rewards is great!
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brittanypaigex3 says: forbidden
Cris1104 says: timr yo plsy
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jerinoommen says: apple :]
captaindcz says: no
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auralady says: lots of great images
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iKati says: sorry no
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carpince says: i like this
pinkunicorn says: okay site
puffy0 says: forbidden
DEBBIB says: good
power says: well
karaz says: bing search
karbikarlos says: cool
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tayishot says: bing...is beautiful
nancymn says: best search out there
JermaineD says: like
dietcoke676 says: ok
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Christina1985 says: Great actor!
like2play444 says: like it
amysala85 says: okay
rlbp2002 says: ok
huoji12 says: like it
clockradio says: amazing
MaxCristian94 says: vxxvgddshttp://www.irazoo.com/ViewSite.aspx?q=book&Page=1&sh=bing.com&Site=http://feedproxy.sitewatch.com/b.php?u=QVIKgUod_TYw4QsoMUy7072Hn8WNWTYiL_IwcgEoP2DCmAzWDV5gN4eNWw2i7FMyvSPOF_UGWDIAD0L2hw688RAZ1TElx1AsHKBqf20nYLCAUI9xTGjGKOq1sOo6GEu6Tqh0urOB
magiccupcake says: this is an ok search engine
iamsoosexy0809 says: fgfhrf
Shamby says: very good pictures
omgitssum1 says: no
mjhrazoo says: ok
Bertin75 says: lots of great pics
werewolf123 says: sick
Doggieangel12345 says: ok
projectgamma says: did not search for
BIGDEKO says: rawesome
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Joanna0527 says: yes
Jetta21 says: nascar
pinkunicorn says: okay site
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olrac_swag says: k
lenaruth says: good search engine
WildZoo says: bing from microsoft
honolululu says: Search engine.
noko says: google is better
bballchamp10 says: okay
luis9995 says: great site to all!!!!
rmortier says: nice site to earn prizes.
hong says: much better now
cbonds says: Very Helpful information
pranav123 says: uyiy
bertrand11 says: used to be a lot better when they had bing cashback
tmc1983 says: Completely unrelated
bhtlh says: g
mrFlynStone000 says: ight
theveroblog says: great searcj engine
olrac_swag says: k
atmporsh911 says: noon
varkizoo19 says: hes good, mostly raps nonsense
Clonetrooper919 says: cool
tmc1983 says: Completely unrelated
TreeBear says: easy enough
zahabiya1017 says: worth watch!!!!
faile88 says: it's alright, it works, but I still prefer google, though the interactiveness on the mainpage is pretty cool
tzyu520 says: k
richardcash87 says: ok
spiritpunk says: kool
kellybelly0513 says: Love it@
ptgt3rsr says: good
tmc1983 says: Completely unrelated
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MasterOfPuppets says: Bing!
femwawo says: sure
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urbankidd says: nice
tmc1983 says: Completely unrelated
ashishmusale says: search site by MS
Bambing says: k
timsbride2010 says: Not exactly what I wanted...but I like Bing.
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wkyu says: Get Search Results Fast & Easy With Bing™. Check It Out Now
sueconley1 says: Bing rewards til 12/31/11, yes.
amber1632 says: love bing
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faile88 says: meh
solom says: bing?
tiffany_jmtan says: yes
omnipresent says: microsoft sucks
sulik221 says: Bing sucks, Google rocks!
nick21230 says: great search engine
RAZZLEDAZZLE says: its bing toolbar not a site
leekat5 says: awesome
dede1961 says: good
pitbuny says: not what i was looking for
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raneeclark says: Don't really like Bing rewards
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relicjones says: it is ok
mikerodz169 says: stupid
Vanetta says: great info!
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raneeclark says: not as easy as other search and win
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raneeclark says: too much time to earn points
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angelbabyj99 says: great
raneeclark says: they've made it a little easier to earn points and added some new oppurtunities
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laceyhope says: Very beautiful woman. Great site for fans.
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annamla says: okay results, not the BEST website though
pinkunicorn says: okay site
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honolululu says: This is one of the great search sites so far.
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nealker says: Does anyone read these reviews?
nealker says: Does anyone read these reviews?
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Artemy says: awesome search engine
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Annarac says: What a fun new search engine! It looks awesome too!
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tigerdigs says: Not the singer.
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ravenswood says: it's ok, wish IE were better
PhillyWings says: good search site, but google is better
gamer23isgay says: hell no
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