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KFC - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is a fast food restaurant chain that specializes in fried chicken and is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, United States.
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Topic: kfc started where
gamer23 says: cool website

kfc - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
kfc primarily sells chicken in form of pieces, wraps, salads and burgers. ... outside of north america, kfc offers beef based products such as burgers or ...
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Topic: kfc started where
afrin456 says: nice
afrin456 says: no
jura_21 says: simply d best...
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pickpocket says: Ok
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chicken says: vc
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cutie143md says: no way
kiwi1516 says: useful
lawnanoe says: kfc chicken is great. i wouldnt order there mac and cheese.
oubosarah says: good
nannankevin says: wiki, good
icysu says: good info
reborn66 says: cool!!!
quene says: GOOD
withrice says: oh wiki good
maggie9902 says: love this.
andrew4all says: there is alot of kfc place in the world
beibei0213 says: learn from wiki
dolphinclint says: KFC takes a lot of unwarranted heat for their product
limelime says: very detailed introduction about KFC
DeMoney says: they sure use a lot of chickens
onibus says: I like it ;-)
henry589 says: yes
thride123 says: all the information you need to know about kfc
hippie1210 says: wikipedia
gmann06 says: tastes marvellous
f3arofhenry says: love kfc's chicken
wendyvv1 says: wiki on kfc products
artshow1 says: the best place for food
littlejoker says: ok
TorJearro says: i like chicken
TorJearro says: i like chicken
moneysavingkim says: terrible food
Danube says: good one
Daemonisk says: kfc
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lindsay8808 says: mmm
pibudogi says: Okay
chgib says: used to be good chicken
Lyckiw says: Interesting
mlaurie406 says: Decent
janet85 says: KFC is so bad for you.
katiesmith says: no
rapboy23 says: black people eat here usually
bdturner says: Yum
jimiwhitten says: Great site - I just love the history!
bujji8212 says: awe some nuggets
rubayed says: yum very nice place to go and eat out delicouis food however i only eat halal
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zimran says: KFCFrom Wikipedia
sh327206 says: good info
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dawg3410 says: pam andersons fav
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elementah says: The official wikipedia page for KFC.
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kfc: information from answers.com
in july 1971 kentucky fried chicken merged with connecticut-based heublein inc. ... sales for kentucky fried chicken had reached $700 million, and brown, at age 37, ...
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Topic: kfc started where
ahzmy says: full history
afrin456 says: no
pickpocket says: Ok
Lovemiracle says: Yummy food
chicken says: vc
oubosarah says: good
withrice says: good
maggie9902 says: super good.
dolphinclint says: KFC is a great place to eat
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Daemonisk says: answers fried chicken
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roselinerose says: Love the Deals
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houdini123 says: too many ads
elementah says: The answers page for KFC.
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city of savannah jobs
city of savannah job paying $14-78 per hour that you can train for now
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Topic: kfc started where
blaze12 says: cool very cool
idontlikeyou says: good site.
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coolguy1 says: tryhuj
ryiengegi says: This site has nothing to do with what i searched for
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farrwest says: it aint what it oughta be
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satissan6 says: good
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