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Basketball Reference - NBA & ABA Basketball Statistics ...
Stats and results for players, teams, leaders and scores from the first game ever to yesterday
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sngrl482 says: m - major league baseball statistics and history
current and past statistics for every player, team and league throughout history.
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basketball - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
features history, rules, variations, and more for the sport of basketball.
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lebron james - wikipedia
hyperlink article about the basketball star currently playing with the cleveland cavaliers.
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american basketball association - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
ultimately, four aba teams were absorbed into the older league: the new york ... the aba distinguished itself from its older counterpart with a more wide-open, ...
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mattbtan says: good all-star 2010
wade's highlights | postgame: wade | inside the nba: top all-star weekend moment ... more all-access: jennings at rookie challenge | it's ahmad, mad world | all-star red ...
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nba & aba finals most valuable player award winners ...
you are here > > awards and honors > finals most valuable player award winners. nba & aba finals most valuable player award winners ...
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Topic: nba & aba
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insidehoops - american basketball association
the aba, a former professional basketball league, lived for nine seasons (1967 ... the aba was definitely not as good as the nba when it was first ...
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Topic: nba & aba
dinalou says: fine

nba's greatest: countdown #13-16 | upon further review
... in, the issue is always going to be statistics vs ... but, we know the aba was easier than the nba based upon the stats ... he was a dominique wilkins or michael jordan or ...
   Number of people who have recommended this site:  1

Topic: nba & aba playoffs 2007
the 2007 nba playoffs have begun and every game counts. all scores, video. photos. ... ties broken for nba draft 2007 order of selection. kings relieve head ...
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nba 2k10 - nba 2k10 is raising the bar again with another championship season. nba 2k9, the #1 selling & #1 rated nba videogame, set the standard for all basketball videogames, and ...
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nba forms new china entity - don walker: business of sports
nba forms new china entity. by don walker. monday, jan 14 ... will be called nba china. ... mircosoft executive who joined the nba late last year, will be the ...
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nba hot spots. 2008 playoff stats. 2008-09 leaders. team-by-team. team-by ... nba jam van presented by doublemint is the place for basketball fans of all ages! ...
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nba 2k series downloads center ... nba 2k10 soundtrack. ace hood – top of the world. adam tensta – my cool
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... have i, the lover of the nba and all the things that come ... nba playoff memories of the future. the blogger's choice: nba playoffs 09 -- round 1 predictions ...
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