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RedFlagDeals.com Forums - Canada's Shopping Deals and ...
Welcome to the new RFD forums ... If you're looking to post a message that doesn't fit into any of the other forums then this is probably your best bet.
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   Number of people who have recommended this site:  1

Topic: rfd forums
gamer23 says: cool website

redflagdeals.com forums - canada's shopping deals and coupons ...
redflagdeals.com is canada's largest bargain-hunting website updated daily with deals, freebies, coupons, and more. join our message board to discuss with fellow ...
   Number of people who have recommended this site:  55

Topic: rfd forums
ellyskid says: Another great site to save money
clumee25 says: good place for deals
newmom says: good deals site
Aslan123 says: Win.
orighammer says: great deal finder
pmg777 says: great source for deals
binaone says: interesting
jumpfroggy says: great canadain deal site
Sneha2008 says: great site
bakanekochano says: Great site for discussing savings
monkeybags says: one of the best sites
Adams06 says: great site to find deals anywhere
yattao says: great sites to get freebie n deals info
ttran says: #1
a1bunny says: great place to find deals
liquidpill says: great this is what I was looking for
chickazoom says: good
china9 says: yes
orighammer says: deal finder
arisa says: great site
adams06 says: get discounts
ttran says: #1
hange says: Good
Zheph says: Canada's Deal Forum
MaggieMayhem says: forums - lots of sale info
mysticdalek says: Good hit
fosterj98 says: Redflagdeals
brandy21 says: good search result
akapepsi says: good deals website
sunnytimes says: cool site
peptalk says: cool site, lots of info
grumpymoney says: Very good site for deals.
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