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Tener in English | Spanish to English Translation
Translate Tener in English. Get the most accurate Spanish to English translations. Fast. Easy. Free. ... Tienes que comer todo en tu plato si quieres postre.
Sponsored by: www.spanishdict.com
   Number of people who have recommended this site:  1

Topic: tu tienes
gamer23 says: cool website

burlington travel agency
travel in style. discount vacation packages, hotels, tours & cruises.
   Number of people who have recommended this site:  7

Topic: tu tienes
rex277 says: wow this is nice
jhuna says: Good
aurorasummer says: gotta book thru here
ukhan says: no
matttammi says: travel agent
canven says: ??
canven says: ??

where are stocks headed?
the answer may surprise you. find out right now with chart of the day.
   Number of people who have recommended this site:  75

Topic: tu tienes
gpn001 says: very good
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huangtd says: good
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gpower says: last
lovinglife1113 says: no
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JennySweets says: 403 Fornbidden
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amccain says: cool
babybunyan726 says: good to know
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TheresaMcIntosh says: NO
Cris1104 says: on it
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warley says: ok
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annak says: nothing to see
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blackcat69 says: 8 sec
jenliu1 says: bad
ryashka says: This is useless, because it gives biased info
82zoramac says: nice
potter says: yes
colstona1024 says: good site
kaufu22 says: liar
DuvalLady says: good
MyFavoriteIsMurphy says: Has nothing to do with my search words
iwoveyou says: E MINE OH
jennsamuel says: somewhat
Studley57 says: nevermind
adamwenger says: no
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kimbertini says: complicated
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