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You Should Always Have a Ruler and a Compass

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Earn Extra Income Through Crafting

When money’s tight, it’s comforting to have another revenue stream to fall back on. Far easier on most people is to be do-it-yourselfers, working from home rather than holding down a second full or part-time job. Many people earn a little extra income by making and selling crafts. Don’t Know Where to Start? If you ...


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iRazoo is a wonderful rewarding rewards program. It is really fun and has a lot to offer. I love watching videos and searching the web for points to earn FREE gift cards. It’s fun, easy, and free! iRazoo also has a great support/helpdesk for all the people having problems with the site. Another thing is my reward came pretty fast and I was able to use it with no problems!

Erin, Member Since 2009 Loudoun Country, VA

I love this site. I come back at least once a week and complete tasks that I find easy. If you cherry-pick the best tasks each week, then you can earn $10 a week with a few hours of spare time. Great way for me to make some side money.

Crystal, Member Since 2012 King County, WA

I’ve been a member of iRazoo for over a year now. Between surveys and games and other options to rack up points to redeem for gift cards, I’ve been able to afford extras for Christmas, Halloween, gifts to give people important to me. If you need a little extra money to get through special moments in life, I’d definitely advise joining.

Amy, Member Since 2017 Tazewell County, IL

Every morning with my coffee I visit “The Zoo”… iRazoo. Over the years this winning site has allowed me to buy gifts and necessities by simply doing searches, finding codes, discovering neat offers, watching ad videos, playing games, and more. We earn points that can be exchanged for Gift Cards and my favorite, CASH! iRazoo members can share tips and updates by joining the iRazoo Facebook Page. “The Zoo” is one of the simplest and coziest earning sites. You’ll love it.

Danielle, Member Since 2009 Gwinnett County, GA

iRazoo provides an innovative and convenient way to earn gift cards with ease. Simply by watching videos, redeeming codes via their Facebook page, completing offers, the possibilities of earning many points are endless! Earning points can be done in the comfort of your own home, at work, and even on the go. iRazoo rocks, and continues to be the absolute best site on the Web!

Andy, Member Since 2017 Contra Costa County, CA

I have been a member of iRazoo for a few years, it’s a great site to earn extra gift cards from. It is very user friendly and super easy to earn points. I use gift cards I earn for back to school shopping and Christmas shopping. As an added bonus I’m earning points even quicker now that they have added daily codes via Facebook and weekly email codes.

John, Member Since 2014 Pflugerville County, TX