quick cookie recipes

4 Quick Cookie Recipes

When your sweet tooth hits and you need a cookie, these recipes deliver. These quick cookie recipes are easy to put together and they taste great. Brownies Technically a cookie bar, brownies provide a powerful chocolate punch. These ones are easy to mix up with just a wooden spoon—no fancy mixers required! Ingredients 1 cup …

board games

4 Board Games for a Multi-Age Crowd

Board games are a fun way to pass a cool autumn evening. They get everyone involved, and you’re spending time together without the distraction of a screen. But when you are trying to play games with a multi-age crowd, not every game is going to work. You need games that are simple enough for young …

iRazoo Social Media

5 Benefits of Connecting with iRazoo on Social Media

Are you ready to maximize your iRazoo points? It’s easy when you connect with iRazoo on social media. You can follow iRazoo on Twitter and “Like” us on Facebook. Once you’re connected, here are five benefits you’ll find: 1. Be Notified of Promotional Codes Promotional codes are an easy way to earn points with iRazoo. These …

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