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10 Crazy Facts About Your Favorite Horror Movies

Watching scary movies is a common tradition most people practice around Halloween. After all, nothing quite screams Halloween like sitting in the dark and munching on a bucket of popcorn as you watch scary flicks. Did you know that your favorite horror movies have their own crazy stories about things that happened behind the scenes?

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1. Stephen King Hated “The Shining”

Stephen King was openly displeased with Stanley Kubrick’s version of “The Shining.” King felt that many scenes in the movie fell flat, and that the casting of Jack Nicholson as the lead character was a poor choice. Today, the movie is featured in Rolling Stone magazine’s 10 Best Horror Movies of All Time.

2. The “Halloween” Mask is Star Trek’s Captain Kirk

Michael Myers’ infamous mask in “Halloween” is a stretched-out Captain Kirk mask. The movie’s production designer purchased the mask for $2 from a local toy store to fulfill the script’s need for a mask that had the “pale, neutral features of a man.” The alternate choice would have been a mask for a clown character made popular by actor Emmett Kelly.

3. Drew Barrymore Almost Played the Lead in “Scream”

Drew Barrymore was originally slated to play the lead role in “Scream” that eventually went to Neve Campbell. Barrymore changed her mind weeks before production and asked to play the minor role of the character killed in the opening scene. The actress wanted to trick audiences into thinking her character would survive.

4. “The Craft” Consulted an Actual Witch

To ensure the Wicca featured in “The Craft,” was completely authentic, the filmmakers consulted with a real witch named Pat Devin. Devin is a member of Covenant of the Goddess— one of the oldest and largest Wiccan organizations in the U.S., and says that the production team used many of her suggestions for the final cut.

5. “Scream” Was Named After Michael Jackson’s Song

The original title of “Scream” was “Scary Movie,” but film producer Harvey Weinstein changed it in the middle of production after hearing Michael Jackson’s song of the same title playing in the car. Later on, the Wayans brothers created a spoof of “Scream” and named it “Scary Movie.”

6. The “Jaws” Shark Rarely Functioned

The killer shark in “Jaws” isn’t featured in the movie until the 81-minute mark. This is because the mechanical shark rarely worked during filming, and director Steven Spielberg had to find other creative ways to film without having to feature the shark as much.

7. Sissy Spacek Wasn’t First Choice for “Carrie”

“Carrie” film director Brian De Palma only allowed Sissy Spacek to audition for the lead role out of courtesy to her husband, who was the film’s art director. Spacek used Vaseline to slick her hair back and wore an old children’s dress to the audition. The rest is history.

8. “Blair Witch Project” Stars Relied on GPS for Instructions

At the beginning of every day on set, the movie’s production team programmed stop points in GPS trackers so the actors could find milk crates containing that day’s acting instructions. The actors were prohibited from sharing their instructions with one another, since their job was to improvise accordingly.

9. “Child’s Play” is Based on a Real Doll

The terrifying Chucky doll from “Child’s Play” is based on a real toy called Robert the Doll. The doll belonged to a painter and author named Robert Eugene Otto, who in 1909, said it had been cursed by a family servant and was moving around on its own. Today, that very doll is on display at the Custom House and Old Post Office in Otto’s hometown of Key West, Florida.

10. Jack’s Book in “The Shining” May Have Been Typed By Kubrick

“The Shining” director Stanley Kubrick used his own typewriter to create the giant stack of 500 pages that read “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Though Kubrick never confirmed before he died whether he manually typed all 500 pages, some insist that the act was characteristic of the director.

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