diy halloween costumes

10 Easy and Inexpensive DIY Halloween Costumes

Everyone’s favorite part of Halloween is deciding who or what they’re going to be. After you form an ideal image of your costume, your next step is to put it together. You can either head to the nearest Halloween retail store and overpay for a costume that might not fit properly, or make your own, which often requires extra time and labor.

If you’re looking for great Halloween costume ideas that won’t require too much of your time or money, check out the following 10 easy and low-cost DIY costumes. Also, don’t forget to sign up for iRazoo and earn free points that can be redeemed for gift cards to retailers that stock Halloween costumes and goodies!

1. Mummy

One of the easiest DIY Halloween costumes around, the mummy requires only 1 to 2 rolls of toilet paper. Wear all white, then liberally wrap toilet paper around your entire body and secure with tape.

2. Robber

Dress in traditional all-black “robber” gear, including hoody or jacket, pants, shoes, and a baseball cap or beanie. If you don’t have a thin bandit-style costume mask, use black face paint, black eyeshadow, or thick black eyeliner to draw your own.

3. Two-Faced

Use makeup or face paint to make one half of your face look completely different from the other. For example, paint one side all black, and make the other half look vibrant and colorful. Tell everyone you’re two-faced for Halloween! Or, use this makeup tutorial to go as Two Face from Batman.

4. Tourist

Raid your home for plastic Hawaiian leis, large sunglasses, floppy hats, and other accessories that make you look like everyone’s idea of the typical tourist. Hang a camera around your neck, slather on large globs of sunscreen, and head to the party.

5. Pro Golfer

Wear a polo shirt and khaki pants or shorts, which is standard golf dress code at many courses. Throw on a cap or visor, and bring along a putter or old golf club as part of your costume.

6. Formal Apology

Dress in formal wear, or in business professional clothing. Transform into a formal apology by wearing a sign around your neck or attached to your clothing that says “I’m sorry.”

7. Killer Housewife

Wear traditional 1950s housewife garb, which usually includes a dress, apron, and set of pearls. Splash fake blood all over the apron or your entire outfit, then wield a fake knife and crazy grin for the best effects.

8. Static Cling

Do you have a collection of single socks that don’t have partners? Attach these socks to the outside of your clothing and go as static cling. Consider using your wackiest-looking socks, which can be great conversation starters!

9. Artist or Painter

Almost everyone has an old cozy sweatshirt and pants they wear when moving, doing lawn care, and working on home projects. To dress as an artist or painter, throw “accidental” paint splashes on old clothes you don’t care about, and bring along the dried paint brush as an accessory.

10. Identity Theft

Purchase a pack of “Hello my name is” clothing stickers and write a different name on each sticker. Then attach these stickers all over your clothing to become identity theft!

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