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10 Free Things to Do Before Summer Ends

The end of summer is nearing and fall is just around the corner. Schools and universities are preparing for new students, and you can almost smell the unmistakable scent of freshly sharpened pencils. But if you’re not quite ready for the summer fun to end, it’s not too late to enjoy some last-minute summer shenanigans.

Here are 10 free things you can do to complete your summer bucket list before the season ends:

1. Visit the Nearest Body of Water

After temperatures wind down, you probably won’t be able to dip your feet into the nearest body of water without getting frostbite. Plan a day trip to the nearest ocean, lake, pond, or river so you can enjoy the experience before it literally freezes over.

2. Host a Barbecue

Between Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day, you may have gotten your fill of summer grilling. But before summer ends, throw one last barbecue bash for your closest friends and revisit your favorite moments from the season.

3. Have a Yard Sale

Take advantage of the warm weather and host a yard sale before everyone goes back to school. You might attract college and university students who need household items for their rooms or dorms. Plus, you’ll end up making money while enjoying the late summer sun.

4. Attend an Outdoor Concert

Outdoor concerts often have completely different vibes than indoor concerts, and usually offer more freedom in terms of moving around and dancing. Keep your eyes peeled for free outdoor summer concerts and make plans to attend the next event in your area.

5. Play Sports Outdoors

Exercising at the gym, playing indoor basketball, and going indoor-climbing are all fun activities, but these can also be done in the winter. Take your game outdoors while the weather’s still nice, and play Frisbee, tennis, baseball and other fun summer sports.

6. Go On a Picnic

Pack an elaborate picnic lunch and head to a lush, grassy, shady spot under a large tree. Picnicking may seem old-fashioned, but it’s a fun, relaxing way to enjoy nature and bond with friends or your partner. Plus, having a picnic while surrounded by freezing, white snow isn’t quite as enjoyable.

7. Take a Discovery Walk

Have you ever seen a trail near your home and wondered where it went? Have you ever explored the side streets downtown? Park your car or leave it behind, and walk to places you’ve never been before to discover new venues or amazing sights. You might just find an enticing bakery or boutique you never knew existed.

8. Take Up Gardening

Learn about the fruits, vegetables, and herbs that grow best in your climate, and start a garden. With autumn approaching, you might be able to grow seasonal foods such as pumpkins and squash in your own backyard. This also helps save money on groceries later on.

9. Do Home Repairs

Cleaning house and doing home repairs might not be everyone’s definition of fun, but these activities can foster a sense of pride about your living space. There’s no better time than the end of summer to replace roof shingles, clean out gutters, and mow the lawn.

10. Boycott the Internet for a Day

Put aside your tablet, laptop, and smartphone, and focus on spending an entire day away from digital stimulation. Go for a walk, talk with friends, or hang out in your backyard without looking at your phone even once. Plus, staring at a screen even when you’re outside can cause you to miss the beautiful things in life.

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