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10 Fun DIY Presents To Make For Friends And Family This Christmas

While Christmas is one of the most beloved times of year, gift-giving can make it one of the most expensive too. A great way to cut back on this expense is by making gifts instead of buying them. In this post, discover 10 fun and adorable do-it-yourself holiday season presents you can create for friends and family.

1.       Pedicure Kit In Slippers

This is the perfect gift for mom. Give her the opportunity to indulge in an at-home pedicure with her very own pedicure kit. Stuff a fuzzy pair of slippers with some colorful nail polish, lotion, a nail file, and other pedicure paraphernalia that she might enjoy.

2.       Personalized Gifts In A Jar

You can use either mason jars or large, glass lemonade jars to create personalized gifts. If you have a sister who is into crafty projects, stuff the jar with tons of craft gear. If you have a dad who loves to grill, fill the jar with different sauces, marinades, and other utensils to make his grilling experience more fun.

3.       Santa’s Candy Sleds

To create this little candy trinket, place two candy canes underneath a Kit-Kat bar. Stack mini chocolate bars on the Kit-Kat bar and fasten the candy sled together with red ribbon. These miniature sleds make great gifts for teachers and neighbors.

4.       Mason Jar Cocktails

This gift idea is ideal for your adult friends. Place a Coca-Cola can in a mason jar, decorate with ribbon, hang a mini whiskey shot bottle on the side, and you have yourself a fun cocktail gift.

5.       Wine Glass Candle Holder

This is a great do-it-yourself gift idea for the artistically inclined. Paint some wine glasses, turn them upside down, and place a small candle on top. You can paint penguins, reindeer, the Grinch, Santa, snowflakes or whatever else  comes to your creative mind.

6.       Caramel Apple Kit

To make this fun gift, place a red apple in one mason jar, a green apple in another, and caramel sauce in a third jar. Stack the jars atop one another and secure in a clear, plastic wrap. Top the stack off with some decorative ribbon and you have created the perfect homemade caramel apple kit.

7.       Movie Night in a Bucket

Buy a plastic popcorn bin and fill it with microwaveable popcorn, chocolate bars, and some DVDs. This is a fantastic gift idea for any family member, particularly the kids.

8.       Christmas Eve Box

Get the kids even more excited for Christmas Day by gifting them with a fun present the night before. Fill an old clothes box with new pajamas, popcorn, and hot chocolate. Let the kids put on their festive pajamas and munch on their treats before going to bed.

9.       Tea Trees

You don’t need to have an artistic flare to master this crafty gift. Use a paper towel roll to decorate with tea packets of your choice and shape them into a Christmas tree. Once you have created your miniature tea tree, cut out a star to place on top.

10.   Cocoa In An Ornament

Another novel gift idea for the crafty types is hot cocoa in an ornament. Fill a clear, plastic ball ornament with cocoa mix, layer with mini marshmallows, and top with festively colored sprinkles. Place the top back on the ornament and tie a colorful ribbon around it so that it can be hung from a tree.

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