Summer savings tips

10 Summer Savings Hacks You Need to Try Today

As the summer season gets into full swing, the fun in the sun can be overshadowed by the frustration of a tight budget. However, there are some fun and easy savings hacks you can start using today to help you save some money and have a fantastic summer at the same time!

  1. Use your iRazoo gift cards. After months of doing surveys, completing offers, and watching videos, you have likely built up a nice bundle of points to turn in for some of the amazing gift cards offered by iRazoo. You can use your gift cards to buy some new dishes for summe
    r picnics on your lawn or put some of your gift cards toward the purchase of a family pool.
  2. Set a summer budget. Just as summer is getting under way, set aside some extra money for summer activities. You do not need a large amount of money to have a nice summer, but it is nice to have some extra cash just for summer fun. You can either pay for smaller activities or plan for one big expense, such as a day at a water park or a short weekend trip.
  3. Hold a yard sale. To help with your summer budget, take the first couple weeks of summer to go through your home and find things you are no longer using to sell for extra cash. If you have children, have them help by going through their toys and clothes to put in the sale. You can also have your children set up a lemonade stand on the day of the yard sale so they can make some money to use for some special treats they want for the summer.
  4. Plan a stay-cation. No money in the budget this year for a summer vacation? No problem! So many families are embracing the idea of a stay-cation right in their own homes. Plan out a few days where you put the laundry and cleaning on hold and spend some quality time with your family. You can camp in the backyard, take dips in the local pool, and visit some free museums in your area. If you have a state park nearby, you can get the entire family in for a very small fee for a day of fun in the sun. You don’t have to be far from home to make family memories.
  5. Start a vegetable garden. A fun and inexpensive summer activity is starting a vegetable garden. A garden is an inexpensive summer project that can provide you with a bounty of vegetables your family will enjoy for months ahead. If you don’t have room in your yard for a garden, start some seeds in pots on your porch or windowsill.
  6. Grill some vegetarian meals. Nothing says summer like a barbecue, but they can get expensive with all of the meats typically featured at these meals. However, you can still have a great barbecue with some delicious vegetables for much less than a traditional barbecue. Grill up some eggplant, zucchini, squash, mushroom caps, and any other family favorites. Tender veggies can be wrapped in a packet of aluminum foil so they don’t fall through the grill. Make up a simple potato salad or coleslaw, and you have a fine meal for half the price of a meaty feast.
  7. Have a movie night. Summer nights are great for movie nights. You can get very inexpensive rentals at the local rental kiosks, or you can get free rentals from your library. If you don’t have a large television, see if a friend has a projector you can borrow and play the movie on the side of your home for an outdoor movie night. Pop some popcorn, get some inexpensive movie candy from the dollar store, and you have a night your family will always remember.
  8. Have date nights at home. When it comes time for the kids to go to bed, you and your partner can take some time alone to enjoy a date night at home. Cook a nice meal or dessert to share, make a few cocktails, or just watch a movie together on the couch. If you have a pool, an evening dip is also a fun thing to do on those hot summer nights.
  9. Have a spa day. There is nothing more relaxing on hot summer days than a cool day at the spa. However, spas are incredibly expensive and often outside of a tight budget. Instead, plan to have your own spa day right in your bathroom. You probably have everything you need right in your own pantry. Take a warm bath with a couple tablespoons of Epsom salt to help relax your muscles and detox your skin. You also can make your own sugar scrub with some granulated sugar and olive oil. If you have a nice stash of nail polish, take some time and give yourself a nice manicure and pedicure. If you have daughters, get them in on the fun with their own mani and pedi sessions, too!
  10. Go on a shopping spree. Take an afternoon and go on a shopping spree, at a thrift store, that is. You can take your kids for a day of perusing the aisles of your local thrift store to score some fun summer goodies that you all can enjoy. Look for new books, movies, sports equipment, summer clothes, and anything you might need to make your summer extra special.

Summer is a great time to spend with family and friends. With careful planning and smart spending, you can have a wonderful summer season without breaking the bank.