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3 Ways to Celebrate the End of Summer On a Dime

As the summer season winds down and thoughts turn to fall activities, why not celebrate this fun season with one last celebration? Having an end-of-summer celebration does not have to be an expensive or elaborate affair. Here are three ideas to consider for your summer bash:

Family Potluck Picnic

What is more fun and economical than having a large get together with your loved ones to ring in the end of summer? If you have a backyard large enough to host your entire family, consider having a big potluck picnic to celebrate the close of the summer season. A potluck is a great way to have a picnic because everyone contributes to the menu.

You have a few options on how to manage the food. You can decide on different food categories and ask your guests to each bring something from one of those categories. For instance, have some people bring dessert items. Others can bring salads, side items, or drinks. This way, you can ensure you will have enough of everything on the day of the picnic.

You also can take a more relaxed stance and have guests bring whatever they would like while you provide the main entrée. If you are having a barbecue potluck, you could provide the hotdogs and hamburgers and have your guests bring whatever they would like to contribute.

For entertainment, you can set up the sprinklers for the kids to play in, play horseshoes, croquet, or any other field games you or your guests have on hand. Make the day fun, relaxing, and joyful.

Outdoor Movie Marathon

If you can get your hands on a projector, consider having an outdoor movie marathon. A projector can be purchased online, or you can borrow one from a friend who happens to have one. Attach it to your Blu-ray or DVD player and project your favorite movies onto a white sheet hung between two trees, onto the side of your house or any other light colored, flat surface.

Play any movies you and your guests enjoy. You can theme the movie marathon based on who is attending. If it is mostly children at your party, be sure to have some kid-friendly movies on hand. If it is mostly adults, action-adventure movies or a fun comedy are ideal. No matter what genre of movies you choose, be sure to have some fun movies snacks on hand. Pop some popcorn and purchase some movie candy from your local dollar store for your party.

Arts and Crafts Party

Another fun way to end the summer season is an arts and crafts party. Choose a few fun crafts to do with your guests that signify the fun everyone had over the summer holiday. For instance, have everyone paint t-shirts with some of their most fun summer memories. Provide paint, brushes, stencils, sponges, stamps, and anything else you can think of to help paint the shirts. You also can have the children make friendship bracelets to share with new friends they will soon meet at school.

If your guest list is mostly adults or close girlfriends, have a flower arrangement party. Have everyone bring a few bouquets of flowers from the supermarket or their gardens and arrange them in a vase to take home. The sky is the limit when it comes to arts and crafting activities. Simply find an activity that you believe your friends, or your kids, would enjoy and make a party out of it.

The end of summer is a great time to have a get-together with friends and family. For more fun and frugal ideas to celebrate summer, check out some of the other posts on the iRazoo blog. While you’re there, check out iRazoo for some free and easy ways to make some extra cash for your summer celebration!