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4 Board Games for a Multi-Age Crowd

Board games are a fun way to pass a cool autumn evening. They get everyone involved, and you’re spending time together without the distraction of a screen.

But when you are trying to play games with a multi-age crowd, not every game is going to work. You need games that are simple enough for young kids to play, but engaging enough that the adults don’t feel punished by having to play.

Here are four games that are enjoyable for players of all ages, plus a few tips on including your youngest players.

Wits and Wagers: Family Edition

The basic requirement for playing this game is to be able to write a number. As long as you can do that, you can join in the fun.

During every round, one player will read a question. Then, the other players use a card and a dry erase board to write a number answer. The goal is to have your number be the closest to the actual answer without going over.

Once the answers are all submitted, everyone uses their Meeple pieces to vote for the answer they think is correct. You can earn points for writing the closest number, having people vote for your answer, or by voting for the correct answer. There are plenty of ways to earn points!

The questions are usually pretty random facts that no one actually knows the answer to. That means guessing is encouraged, and guessing is one factor that makes this game accessible for all ages.

To make this game playable for non-readers, just skip over them when it comes time to reading the cards. If they get bored during gameplay, you could also just let them go to town drawing on their board.

Pictopia: Disney Edition

This game is Disney trivia, picture style. It’s very multi-age friendly, as the majority of the game is collaborative.

One player hosts each round. That person rolls the die and draws a card. Each card has four pictures on it from the Disney library. Once the card is drawn, the host shows the pictures to the other players.

Then, the other players use one of their number tokens to vote for how many points they think they can earn for answering correctly. Once everyone has voted, the host reads the question. The other players work together to come up with an answer.

Some questions do require individual participation, but the included scoring dials make it fun.

To include non-readers, you can make slight changes to their turn as host. Allow them to roll the die, pick a card, and show the picture. Then have a reader actually read the question.

Five-Second Rule

Think fast.  Can you name three kinds of ice cream in just five seconds? What about breeds of dogs? The time goes incredibly fast, so be prepared to talk at the speed of light.

The timer makes an incredibly unique noise that most kids find amusing. To engage your youngest player, let that person control the clock.

You can also allow young players a double portion of time to answer the question. You might keep drawing cards until you get to a topic you know they’ll be able to be successful with.

Say Anything: Family Edition

This _get-to-know-you_game is perfect for breaking the ice with a multi-age crowd. As long as players can write an answer to a question, they’re able to join in on all the fun. You can also match younger players with older ones to play as a team.

When you’re all ready to play, one person picks a card and reads a question. All the other players write down their answers.

Secretly, the host picks his or her favorite answer. The other players then try to pick which one the host selected. You get points for guessing correctly, as well as for having the host pick your answer.

Pick Up a Game for Your Next Family Night

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