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4 Ways to Trim Your Grocery Budget

Frugal grocery shopping is one of the best ways to trim your budget if you are finding yourself short on cash each month. There are some very simple steps to save money on groceries, and they don’t necessarily require clipping coupons or spending hours at different grocery stores scouring for deals. The following are some ways to get the most for your grocery budget without too much hassle:

Think About Your Menu

One thing you should consider is your menu and what your family enjoys eating. Keep in mind that you don’t need to cook an elaborate meal with several sides every night of the week. Keep your menu simple using everyday, inexpensive ingredients. Meals that feature pasta, omelets, soups, and big salads are quick and easy to prepare with food that doesn’t cost a lot of money. Splurge on a few nice meals with all the trimmings once or twice a week, but aim to keep your menu simple so that your grocery budget is manageable.

Do Not Focus on Brands

Another way to save is to buy the brand that is the least expensive. Try to avoid purchasing your preferred brand of tomato sauce if it is more expensive than others in the store that day. This doesn’t mean you have to purchase generic items all the time. If another major brand is on sale or is less expensive, you can save money by using that brand instead.

Naturally, there are some brands that probably love too much to compromise on. In those cases, keep an eye on the sales flyers in your area for that item. When it goes on sale, use some of your grocery budget that week to buy a few extras to stock away in your pantry. This way, you will always be paying the best price for items that you love.

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Use Cash

One of the best ways to control your grocery spending is by using cash only when paying the cashier. Knowing how much cash you have on hand will prevent you from throwing extra items into your cart that aren’t on your list. The last thing you want is to stand at the checkout counter with more groceries than you have cash. Before you go to the store, prepare a list of what you need along with the price of the items located in the sales flyers. If you are truly tempted or worried you will spend more than you need to, leave the debit card or checkbook at home. This way, you will have no backup plan and you will be forced to pay only what you have budgeted.

Grocery shopping can be satisfying if you have a game plan. It is a great challenge to meet your goal each week. Taking the time to implement some of these habits will help you get your grocery budget under control in no time. For more money-saving tips, visit the iRazoo blog for information.