Improve your vocabulary

5 Apps to Improve Your Vocabulary

The words that come out of your mouth matter. Your vocabulary is your ticket to sharing your thoughts, ideas, and opinions with the rest of the world. You need a solid vocabulary.

If the thought of improving your vocabulary sends shivers up your spine and brings back memories of high school English class, have no fear. Learning new words doesn’t have to be boring. It won’t send you back to school!

There are plenty of enjoyable apps on the market now to make learning fun. Here are five popular apps for improving your vocabulary.

1. Words with Friends

Have you ever played Scrabble? That’s basically what Words with Friends is, except instead of dragging out a board with physical tiles, you can play on your mobile device. Since it’s virtual, you can play with friends from around the world.

You start each game with seven letters. Then you and your friend alternate playing connecting words with your letters. The goal is to score the most points by the time all the letters are gone.

But playing words isn’t the only way this app improves your vocabulary. You’ll also find a Word of the Day each and every day. These words are often obscure or use uncommon letters. The game shares the definition as well, to ensure you can use your new word in context.

2. 7 Little Words

This app is a puzzle game, designed specifically for those who don’t typically like word puzzles. You’ll start each puzzle with a set of tiles that have letter combinations on them. There are also seven clues about every day words. Your goal is to arrange the letter combination tiles to discover the answer to each clue. Here’s an example:

Clue: A famously carnivorous fish

Solution: 7 letters

You’d then look at all your available tiles. You may notice that there’s a PIR tile. When you combine this with other tiles, you see that you can spell the word piranha. A piranha is a carnivorous fish. You’d then continue playing until you had unscrambled all seven words. If you get stuck, hints are available!

3. Wonder Keyboard

You can see how text messages sound with a variety of personas in this enjoyable app. How does, “Have a great day!” sound when it’s texted by a Valley Girl? Or how about when a sophisticated, smart aristocrat says it?

Simply select a persona, and start composing a text message to one of your contacts. As you type, the Wonder Keyboard will offer suggestions, helping your words to match those from your chosen persona. You can change personas whenever you’re ready for some different laughs. It’ll completely change what you’re trying to say!

4. Vocabulary Genius

Vocabulary Genius was designed to help you learn new words quickly. After all, life is too hectic to spend a ton of time on vocabulary practice. This app is less game and more specially designed flashcards.

You’ll see a definition and pick a word from the set of vocabulary words you’re focusing on. Based on your responses, the app repeats the flashcards in the order that you need. This ensures that you pick up words fast. It’s like having a personal vocabulary tutor without all the expense!

5. App

This app is half dictionary, half game. As you pick words to study, you’ll earn points and badges. You can even compete with your friends on social media.

What sets this app apart is the definitions given. You won’t find basic, boring dictionary definitions here. Instead, you’ll read the word in context with a definition that’ll help you actually remember. Then you can play games to work the word into your permanent vocabulary.

Do You Have a Favorite App for Improving Your Vocabulary?

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