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5 Board Games for Your Next Party

Board games are a great way to add excitement to an evening with your family and friends. These five games are perfect for a party. They’ll get everyone involved and having fun!

1.      The Game of Things

How well do you know the people at your party? Can you pick out who said what? The Game of Things challenges you to do just that.

You need at least four people to play this game, but can play in large groups. To kick the game off, select a reader for your first round. This person selects a card and reads the prompt aloud.

All the players take a response card and write down an answer to the prompt. Once everyone is ready, the reader reads all the answers aloud. Players try to match answers to the other players. You earn points for correctly matching, and for being the last one in the round.

2.      Telestrations

Do you remember playing the telephone game as a kid? This game is like that, except better! Players use dry erase notebooks and markers to take turns writing captions and drawing pictures. Notebooks get passed around the table, and everyone is involved in every round.

What starts off as a dinosaur might be interpreted as a dancing pig by the next player. You never know what will get changed.

Telestrations comes in a variety of versions for different sized groups. Pick up the version you need for the number of guests you host.

3.      Pictionary

This classic game is perfect for a party, designed for up to 16 players. It’s played in two-person teams, and the goal is to guess the picture your partner draws. As you correctly guess, you advance your token on the game board.

Teammates take turns guessing and drawing, keeping everyone involved. The timer ensures that the game keeps moving. After all, you don’t want to run out of time!

Some words are designated as “All-play.” That means every team draws, and you never know which team will get it first and steal the play.

4.      Say Anything

Are you looking for an ice breaking board game? Check out Say Anything. One person hosts each round. This person is the judge. The judge reads aloud a question. Everyone else writes an answer to the question, and places their answer face up on the table.

The judge uses a special dial, the SELECT-O-MATIC 5000, to secretly select his or her favorite answer. Once the judge has voted, the other players get a chance to earn points. Using little tokens, each player guesses which answer the host picked.

After the judge reveals the answer on the SELECT-O-MATIC 5000, it’s time to score the round. You can earn points for writing the answer that was picked or correctly guessing which one the judge would pick. The judge also can earn points for the other players correctly guessing.

This game is perfect for smaller parties. There are six dry erase boards, and it’s designed for 3-6 players.

5.      Balderdash

The cards in this game are full of crazy words that no one really uses in their vocabulary. The host for each round selects a word and reads it aloud. Your goal as a player is to write a plausible definition to the word read.

Everyone else does the same, except for the host. That person writes the actual, dictionary definition of the word. Once everyone is ready, the host gathers all the definitions and reads them aloud.

Each player then votes for the definition they think is correct. Points are tallied, and pieces are moved along the game board. The first person to reach the “finish” square is the winner.

Pick Up a Game and Enjoy at Your Next Party

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