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5 DIY Home Décor Alternatives to Save You Money on Interior Design

Enhancing the décor around your home does not need to be an undertaking that breaks the bank. If you want to add to the ambiance of your house or apartment, but don’t have a huge budget to work with, a do-it-yourself project is the perfect alternative. Many of these home décor projects are simple enough that you don’t need a crafty bone in your body to accomplish them! Here are five do-it-yourself home décor ideas to get you started on your interior design undertaking.

1. Picture Frame Clock

If you want to showcase some of your most precious family photos in a timeless way, make them a part of your wall clock. Gather twelve picture frames and twelve of your favorite photos along with a wall clock mechanism, and let each picture represent an hour on your clock. You could create a large picture frame clock that takes up an entire wall or make a smaller clock to place in the corner of your home.

2. Wine Rack Made From Wooden Pallets

If you are a bona fide wino, you are definitely going to need this DIY home décor piece in your home. Wooden pallets are great materials that can be upcycled for so many different projects, and this wine rack might be the best upcycling idea of them all. Try this step-by-step tutorial to make your dream of having your very own upcycled wine rack a reality.

3. Hanging Basket Towel Shelves

Are you living in a cramped, tiny apartment with little cabinet space? Create your space! If you need a place to store your towels, hang wicker baskets in the bathroom wall with the inside of the baskets facing outward. Once the baskets are securely fastened on the wall, roll your towels and place them inside.

4. Suitcase Bookshelves

Are traditional bookshelves too boring for your taste? Then there is no reason to spend lots of money building a new bookshelf or buying one when you could craft one with suitcases. Hit up some local vintage shops or online shops like Etsy to find rustic, classic suitcases from decades ago that can be used as shelves. While, of course, they must be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, you will want to confirm that they will be light enough to drill into walls before purchasing them. Once you get the right suitcases, you can hang them on your wall at varying heights to enhance the entire look.

5. Wooden Pallet Furniture

Whether you want to craft a cozy outdoor seating area for your patio or you want to give your living area a slightly more rustic feel, the wooden pallet sofa is a fantastic, easy-to-make addition. Hunt for some wooden pallets online or just around your neighborhood and find the right cushions and pillows to decorate the pallets. If you don’t want to go all the way for a sofa, you can always just stick to making a couple of cute chairs.

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