frugal fall activities

5 Fun and Frugal Fall Activities

Now that school is back in full swing and the long days of summer have come to a close, thoughts begin to quickly turn to fall activities. This beautiful time of year calls for some fun family activities, many of which cost little to no money at all. The following are a few things you can do with your family to celebrate the fall season on a budget:

Visit a Fruit and Vegetable Farm

One really fun and educational outing to do that kids love is visiting a local farm that sells delicious fall bounty. This activity can get you all out of the house for a full day of crisp fall air and sunshine. While there, you can pick seasonal fruits and vegetables, enjoy a corn maze, go on a hay ride, walk through the pumpkin patch, or any other number of activities that may be available. While this activity may not be completely free, especially if you are going to pick produce, it is typically very cost effective based on the amount of entertainment value you will receive.

Go to a Fall Festival

This time of year, you can find a fall festival all through the season. Many of these festivals are completely free to go to. You can often find class car festivals, harvest festivals, Oktoberfest gatherings, renaissance festivals, and more. Chances are if you have an interest, there is a festival for you. Pack a picnic and head out to a fun festival with your family on a beautiful autumn day and make some memories.

Make Cookies and Drink Cider

Cider and cookies have to be one of the best fall treats around. You can easily bake cookies from ingredients you already have on hand, making it a virtually free activity. Apple cider is also abundant during the fall months, making it rather inexpensive. If you cannot find cider locally, you can always make your own using apple juice and spices, such as cloves and cinnamon. This is a really fun activity to do with kids, and you get to fill up with warm fall goodness at the end!

Explore Outdoors

Fall is by far the best month for going outdoors to explore. The landscape and foliage changes so much this time of year so get out and make some new discoveries. Whether you are in your own backyard or on a hiking trail in a local state park, there is always something new to see. You can collect leaves, pinecones, acorns, and other natural elements to bring inside and use in your fall decorating. You can also spend some time raking up the day’s leaves into a pile and let the kids jump around in them. Fall just isn’t fall without this traditional activity!

Get into Crafts

Crafting in the fall is such a fun thing to do with your family. You can make some fall décor for your home, start a knitting project, or begin making holiday gifts. You can do many crafts for next to nothing using things you may have on hand. Garlands are very easy but also fun things to make from pinecones covered in glitter. Cozy up with some great crafts and enjoy the time spent with your family. You will also end up with some lovely treasures made by your kids.

Fall is a great time to get active as a family, and it does not have to cost an arm and a leg. For more holiday money saving ideas, visit the iRazoo blog.