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5 Staycation Ideas that are Just as Exciting as a “Real” Vacation

Just because a full-blown vacation on the beaches of Maui is not in your budget doesn’t mean you can’t have an unforgettable time. Staycations are becoming increasingly popular and that’s because you can have loads of fun without breaking the bank. It’s also a chance to explore areas in your town that you may not have otherwise noticed. If you’re planning a staycation for you and your friends or family, check out these five staycation ideas.

1.      Attend Local Theater

While it may not be Broadway, surely your local city has some theater that you can attend (and for a lot cheaper than Broadway). Check out your local arts scene or your community events calendar to see what shows you can catch. If you can’t find a theater show that appeals to you, see if there are any comedy shows, music showcases, or other forms of live entertainment happening.

2.      Hit a Nearby Amusement Park

If you can’t afford a big trip to Disney world, opt for something a little closer to home. Check out any nearby amusement parks and plan an entire day of rollercoaster fun. Most amusement parks also have discounted rates for families with young children. And if you want to save even more money, see if you can gather a group of friends to come with you in order to score a cheaper rate.

3.      Try Water Activities

If you’re planning your staycation during the warmer months and have a body of water to take advantage of, by all means do it. Even if you don’t live by the ocean or a lake, hit up your local pool for a day of swimming and tanning. And if you do live by water, check out paddleboard or canoe rental options. If you have a little more money to spare, go in on a day rental of a boat with a few friends.

4.      Camp in Your Own Backyard

Do you have a flare for the outdoors, but some members of your family don’t? Take a camping trip—to your own backyard. Pitch a tent, gather some campfire food, pull out the sleeping bags, and sleep under the stars. Check with city regulations and if you’re in the clear, add a small bonfire to the festivities. Should some of your family members get sick of outdoor camping, they can always head back inside to camp in the living room.

5.      Dine Out

Dedicate at least one evening of your staycation to a special night out for dinner. Check out themed dinner, dinner theater, or just something a little out of the norm for. Consider going out to a hibachi or a fresh seafood restaurant. Give yourself a break from cooking and let yourself be waited on. If dining out doesn’t appeal to you, you can always order takeout to free yourself from cooking and cleaning chores.

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