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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Vacation Reads

Bringing books to read on vacation can be a fun, inexpensive way to stay entertained — especially if you’re on an hours-long flight or soaking up the sun’s rays at the pool or beach. But unless you’re bringing a tablet or e-reader, you’ll most likely have to limit yourself to bringing just a few books, since print books can get heavy and take up lots of luggage space.

Settling on just one, two, or three books can be a difficult and harrowing task if you’re not sure what you’ll be in the mood for once you arrive at your destination.

Looking for the ultimate vacation read? Here are five tips that can help you choose the best book for your upcoming travels.

1. Choose Something Long

Choosing a long, thick book is a safe way to go, since its length promises you’ll stay entertained during long flight layovers and other, unexpected delays. You may love devouring short books of poetry and stories, but these probably won’t keep you occupied for very long.

Keep length in mind when choosing your next vacation read, and make sure your book isn’t too large or too heavy to tote in your carry-on or purse.

2. Go with Your Favorite Genre

As ambitious as you might feel about conquering certain literary classics such as Tolstoy’s “War and Peace,” or Joyce’s “Finnegans Wake,” think twice about bringing these types of reads. If you’re facing difficulty with understanding the plot or the novel isn’t holding your attention, you’re better off going with something else.

Stick to a genre you know is guaranteed to keep you engaged. If you enjoy mystery novels, load up on the latest bestselling thrillers; if you enjoy biographies, read some about your favorite historical figures, or those about your favorite celebrities.

3. Stick to Your Favorite Authors

If you enjoyed a book by a particular author, chances are you’ll probably like other works by that same author. Hunt down the latest releases written by that author, or catch up on the author’s backlist.

To shake things up, try reading other genres written by your author of choice. For example, if you like reading horror novels by Stephen King, try the author’s crime and mystery novels; if you enjoy romance novels by Nora Roberts, check out her “In Death” series that falls into the sci-fi crime genre.

4. Choose Something Light in Tone

If you plan on traveling somewhere with plenty of sunshine, such as the beach or a tropical locale, you might not be in the mood for horror, true crime, or intense, non-fiction reads.

Instead, think about books that will complement your vacation mood. Opt for books that are typically light in nature, such as those that are humorous and entertaining, or those that promise happy endings, such as romance novels.

5. Re-Read Old Favorites

If you still can’t decide what to read, bring some favorite books that you’ve already read. This is a foolproof way to ensure you’ll like what you’re reading. Try not to bring heirloom books or books with sentimental value that could get lost or ruined; instead, stick to paperbacks and copies of your favorite reads. In some cases, you might catch something this time around that you missed before, and foster a new love for old favorites.

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