black friday

5 Tips to Make the Most of Black Friday

Black Friday is coming! Are you ready? These sales won’t roll back around for another year, so it’s essential to be prepared. Here are five tips to make the most of your Black Friday. They’re all things you can tackle ahead of time, so you don’t have to waste any time on the big day.

1. Check the Ads

If you don’t know what the deals are, you won’t be able to plan. So take time the week of Thanksgiving to pay attention to the ads. Set aside any that have deals you are interested in. That way you can refer back to them as you’re planning.

2. Make a Priority List

Once you’ve got a pile of great deals, it’s time to prioritize. Which one are you most interested in? Are there any that you wouldn’t be upset if you didn’t find?

These questions will help you put together a priority list. As you’re organizing your list, be sure to note which store each deal is at. That way you only have to hit each one once.

You’ll want to go to the store with the best deal for you first. This might be a store with a great doorbuster, or just one with a really low price on an item you’ve been eyeing.

Write down the stores you’ll go to, and the order you’ll go to them. That way you have your game plan already when Black Friday arrives.

3. Save Money & Have a Budget

Black Friday isn’t an emergency, so don’t empty your savings account to go shopping. Instead, start saving money now, or earn gift cards you can use.

Before Friday, you’ll need to know how much money you have to spend. Keeping to a budget will really help eliminate buyer’s remorse when Saturday rolls around.

If you’re going to be shopping for specific people, know how much you want to spend on each. These numbers will help you stay on target as you’re shopping. You won’t be as tempted to buy just one more thing if you’re already maxed out.

4. Remember to Compare Online Prices

Sometimes, a deal isn’t as good as it first seems. Once you have your list filled with items you really want to purchase on Black Friday, take a few minutes to comparison shop.

Check out online prices, and see how much you’ll really be saving. Make sure it’s worth your gas and time to go pick it up.

5. Have Your Car Prepped

There’s nothing worse than setting out for a fun day of shopping than realizing that you’re out of gas. Before Friday, take time to fill up your car. You’ll also want to spend a few minutes prepping for your adventure so your shopping happens without a hitch.

You’ll want to have a water bottle or two in your car. You should also throw in a couple of snacks. You never know when hunger will strike, and having something to eat can help save money.

Are You Shopping on Black Friday This Year?

If you’ll be hitting the stores the day after Thanksgiving, stop by the iRazoo Facebook page and tell us your best tips. If you won’t be shopping, let us know what you’ll be doing instead. Everyone spends Black Friday in different ways!

Also, remember to start using your iRazoo account to earn gift cards. You can earn a lot between now and Black Friday.