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5 Ways to Make Learning About Columbus Day Fun For Your Kids

If you ask most kids, they will probably tell you that going to school or learning something new is not the top item on their list of fun things to do. But there is no reason why learning can’t be a good time too. With the approach of Columbus Day you may be wondering how you can make such a historically significant holiday an exciting day for your kids. In this post, you will discover five easy ways to make learning about Columbus Day fun for your kids.

1.      Stage a Columbus Day Play

Many children are hands-on learners, so what better way to have fun learning about this historic day than by acting it out? Write a short script about Columbus Day and give each child a part to play. After a reading of the script, have the kids design their own costumes and gather props. You can even make a small stage in your home or backyard to hold a rehearsal and premiere the play. Add to the un by inviting friends and other neighbor kids to watch the theatrical production.

2.      Create a Game Show

Quiz your kids with historical trivia questions regarding Columbus Day and challenge them to a game show just like the ones they see on TV. Hold a brief discussion about Columbus Day, let them take notes, get their questions answered, and be as prepared as possible for an intense game of trivia. Once everyone is ready, take turns asking each contestant a variety of questions such as “when was Christopher Columbus born?”, “what year did Christopher Columbus find the New World?”, and “where do historians believe Columbus is from?”. Reward the winner of the game show with a Columbus Day dessert or other fun prize.

3.      Host a Culinary Exploration

Introduce fun flavors from both the Old World and the New World to your kids with yummy treats that originated in each region related to Christopher Columbus. Serve up New World foods like sweet potatoes and turkey and Old World staples like bananas and almonds. Discuss the significance of the relationship between Old World and New World foods and the impact new food discoveries had on countless countries around the world.

4.      Organize a Parade

Everyone loves going to a good parade, but your kids might love being in one even more. After spending some time learning about Columbus Day, organize a mini neighborhood parade. Let the kids dress up like the different ships or Christopher Columbus and march down the street in celebration of the holiday.

5.      Plan a Scavenger Hunt

After learning about how Christopher Columbus went off to explore regions unknown to him, plan a scavenger hunt for the kids to do a bit of their own exploring. Hide items in your home, backyard, or maybe the entire neighborhood if you choose to get other parents and children involved. Some scavenger hunt item ideas include crayons, balloons, envelopes, a red ribbon, toilet paper roll, Band-Aid, and an old shoe. If you don’t feel like gathering all of these items, take the kids to a local park or hiking trail so they can explore the area and find different insects, plants, and trees.

When you make learning fun, your kids will have an easier time absorbing information. Plus, it goes without saying that when learning is made fun, they will have a more enjoyable and memorable time. For more ways on making learning experiences fun for kids, check out the other how-to resources offered by iRazoo.