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6 Fun Family Activities That You Can do Absolutely Free

If you think there is no way to have a fun-filled weekend without spending money, think again. There are plenty of activities to enjoy when you get a little creative. If you need some inspiration, take a look at these six totally free activities that you and your family can do together.

1.      Hit up The Museums

Plenty of local museums, if they are not always free to explore, offer certain days and times when you can go for free. Check out their hours and free days and plan to go then. If you have kids, certain museums may also offer free passes for youth under a certain age.

2.      Make a Time Capsule

Encourage everyone in your household to write something they want to remember or know about in the future. In addition to writing letters, gather anything else that comes to mind that you’d like to see years from now. Combine all of your time capsule trinkets and use a secure container to preserve all of the contents that you are storing. Any quality plastic container should work well. Dig a small hole in your backyard and bury your time capsule in the ground. Set a date with your family to go back and open up the time capsule years or even decades later.

3.      Organize a Film Festival

If you can’t afford to hit up a big film festival, don’t fret. You can organize your own without spending a penny! Invite friends or neighbors to join in on the fun by bringing one of their favorite movies for an all-day film festival. Complete the event by having a potluck of food and drink, but just make sure to use whatever you already have on hand in the kitchen to make the activity truly free.

4.      Volunteer

There are plenty of ways to volunteer in your community and not only make a difference in someone’s life, but have a genuinely good time. If it’s the holiday season, sign up to ring the bell for your local Salvation Army. If it’s any other time of the year, help out at a soup kitchen, rake an elderly neighbor’s yard, or walk dogs at the animal shelter. Teach your kids the importance of helping others and show them how much fun they can have doing it.

5.      Host a Cupboard Potluck

You can still throw a fabulous dinner party for your friends without spending any money. Invite your friends, family, or neighbors to participate in a cupboard potluck. Everyone invited must prepare a dish with the ingredients that they already have in their kitchen; no buying new food at the store. You’d be surprised at how creative you can get and what a delightful night it will end up being.

6.      Try Geocaching

By now, you’ve probably heard people rave about what fun geocaching is. To geocache, you use a GPS receiver or other mobile device to find containers that are called “geocaches”. Once you found the container, the contents it holds, and the logbook inside, you record your code name and the date you found it. Geocaching is a great way to get outdoors and even lose a little weight thanks to all of the walking you do.

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