Fun Winter Activities

6 Fun Winter Activities to Experience Before the Snow Melts

It’s understandable that most people prefer the warm, sunny summer months to the freezing, snowy, cold ones. But even with the bitter temperatures and heavy snowfalls, there are plenty of opportunities to have fun. Take advantage of the cold season by indulging in any one of these six fun winter activities.

1.      Go Snow Tubing

Skiing and snowboarding are great winter activities, but not necessarily enjoyed by everyone. If you’re looking for a less athletically demanding option, why not hit the slopes and opt for snow tubes instead? Spend the whole day sliding down giant hills on your snow tube and be pulled up the hill to enjoy the fun over and over again. No walking up hills required when you go tubing at a ski resort!

2.      Build a Snow Fort

Sometimes the best winter activity is the simplest: building a snow fort. If you’ve had a plentiful snowfall, get the kids and the snowsuits and set out to build an impressive backyard fort. It’s free and a good way to get a little workout in.

3.      Ice Skate

It takes some getting used to if you’ve never done it before, but after spending some time on the ice you’ll be able to enjoy ice skating. It’s like rollerblading, but with a little more finesse required. Find a local indoor or outdoor skating rink and practice your figure eights. Most ice rinks rent out either figure skates or ice hockey skates, and most people prefer hockey skates as they are typically more comfortable to wear.

4.      Go Snowmobiling

You could easily spend an entire Saturday afternoon outdoors if you were spending all of that time on a snowmobile. If it’s in your budget, rent a snowmobile for the day and hit the trails or head out on the lake if it’s iced thoroughly. Even better, find friends who have snowmobiles and take turns riding around the outdoors.

5.      Hit up a Winter Festival

Check out your community events calendar to see what fun events are going on. You’re bound to find at least one winter-themed festival happening in the area. Bundle up the kids or invite some friends and check out a local festival with lots of vendors, food, music, hot cocoa, snowmobiling, and more. In many regions, towns and cities host ice festivals where you can check out impressive ice sculptures and other pieces of ice art. Support local business and have fun outdoors by filling up your snow-filled days with winter festivals.

6.      Build a Winter Bonfire

When you think of bonfire, you probably imagine the fall or summer seasons. Why not roast some s’mores and hotdogs over a winter bonfire? Don’t forget to dress for the blustery outdoors and bring some hot cocoa to keep you extra warm. The novelty of it will make it that much more exciting for young children and even the grownups. Plan to do it on an evening when the sky is clear so you can throw some stargazing into the mix.

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