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6 Reasons to Refer iRazoo to Your Friends

So you have joined the iRazoo community and are enjoying the benefits it provides. Now it might be time to consider sharing what you’ve discovered with your friends. Why? Because it won’t just benefit them, it’ll benefit you too! Let’s look at six reasons why you should refer iRazoo to your friends and family.

1.      You Earn Points

Once your friends earn their first 1,000 points on iRazoo (and they’ll earn 500 just for accepting your invitation to join), you will automatically begin receiving referral points. Depending on the country you reside in, once your friends earn 1,000 points, you could earn anywhere from 100-500 bonus points. For every five people you refer, you earn 2,500. For every ten people, it’s 5,000, and so on. The more you refer, the easier it becomes to earn points through referrals rather than doing other things to earn points.

2.      The More You Refer, The More You Earn

As stated above, the more people you get to join iRazoo, the more you will earn in points. In fact, if you referred 160 people, you would earn 80,000 points and be able to convert that into a decent chunk of change!

3.      They Will Earn Money And Points Too

iRazoo is all about sharing the health and one of the primary reasons to refer friends to iRazoo is to help them make a little extra money. Everything you do to earn points and cash through iRazoo—participating in surveys, voicing your opinion, playing the latest games—they will be able to do too. Friends will also be able to get cash directly from PayPal or trade in their points for gift cards. And lastly, they’ll also be able to take advantage of all the sweet deals and coupons offered by iRazoo.

4.      Your Friends Benefit From Joining iRazoo

Your friends and family will reap the same benefits that you do when they too participate in the iRazoo community. Just as we mentioned earlier, your friends and family will have access to all the best coupon deals and other offers on some quality, name brand stuff. They’ll also be able to get involved in the referral program themselves. For every person they refer, they have opportunity to score bonus points and more earning possibilities.

5.      It’s Something to Share

Aside from all the obvious benefits iRazoo offers you and your friends such as earning cash and getting gift cards, having friends join iRazoo also gives you something outside of iRazoo itself. When you and your friends are all reaping the benefits of iRazoo, it creates a common interest. You can discuss what you love about what you do and what you’ve accomplished in the day, bonding with your friends over these discussions.

6.      It Will Motivate You

Sometimes it’s hard to muster up the self-discipline to pencil in a few hours of work and actually do it. Having a friend who is working with you will keep you accountable. Not only will this stir up some healthy competition, but you can plan to meet at your favorite coffee shop to work together and make sure that you are both productive.

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