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6 Things to Buy After Christmas to Save Money Next Year

The Christmas season can really take a toll on your budget! If you can manage to save some funds to spend after Christmas, you’ll be able to stock up on several key items at an amazing discount.

Here are six things to purchase after Christmas:

1.      Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper stores easily, especially in an under-the-bed container. It’ll stay safe and out of your way until next December when you’re once again wrapping. Pick up several rolls so you don’t have to pay full-price when the holiday season comes around again.

Tip: Be on the lookout for marked down rolls of wrapping paper that aren’t completely Christmassy. You might find solid colors, or stripes or dots without any sign of Santa, decked trees, or bells. You’ll be able to use these rolls to wrap birthday gifts year-round.

2.      Holiday Decorations

Do you Christmas trimmings need refreshing? If you can wait until late December to purchase holiday decorations, you’ll find slashed prices. That’s the time to pick up:

  • Artificial trees
  • Christmas lights
  • Ornaments
  • Stockings
  • Bows
  • Wreaths
  • Outdoor decorations

3.      Paper Goods

If you don’t mind eating from red and green plates, after-Christmas sales are the perfect time to snatch up paper goods. Retailers will be getting rid of all their paper plates, napkins, and paper towels with holiday themes.

4.      Kitchen Basics

You can find plenty of Christmas colored kitchen gadgets on sale once Christmas has come and gone. Small appliances will also be marked down. If you’re in need of some basics for your kitchen, be sure to check out the household department at all your favorite stores.

Tip: Wedding season will roll around before you know it. If you’ll be attending any this summer, consider picking up some marked down appliances to use as gifts. It’s a great way to get quality merchandise for a better price.

5.      Winter Outerwear

Retailers are closing out seasonal gear to make room for their upcoming spring displays. That means coats, gloves, hats, snow pants, boots, and scarves can be scooped up for less. Pick up what you’ll need next year, and then store it until the weather cools again.

Tip: If you have kids, you can buy them everything they’ll need next winter after Christmas. Just pick up a size or two bigger than they’re currently wearing. Remember to buy a couple of pairs of gloves if your kids are like mine and tend to lose them!

6.      Candy

You can find holiday candy for less once Christmas is over. Candy canes, peppermints, chocolate Santas, and all sorts of seasonal goodies will be marked down. Remember to check the expiration date on these so you know when they need to be eaten by.

Tip: Seasonal chocolates can be chopped up and used in place of chocolate chips in cookies. You can also hang onto the red candy you find and use it to celebrate Valentine’s Day in February. Candy canes can be crushed and added to brownies, or used to stir hot chocolate for a tasty treat.

What Do You Buy After Christmas?

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