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6 Things to Never Buy Used

You can save a ton of money shopping at thrift stores and yard sales. There’s treasure out there just waiting to be snagged at a phenomenal price.

But as much as I enjoy saving money, there are certain things I’ll never purchase second-hand. Here are six things that should always be bought new. Your health and safety will thank you for shelling out a little more money!

1. Car Seats

Infant and child-sized car seats can be expensive, but they’re crucial for protecting your little ones from danger in the event of a collision.

Once a car seat has been involved in an accident, it’s no longer safe to continue using. Since you won’t have the full history behind your purchase, you won’t know if the car seat you’re buying second-hand has been compromised. Car seats also represent a technology that changes rapidly. To ensure your child has the most recent safety features, go ahead and pass on the thrift store car seat.

2. Bicycle helmets

Like car seats, bicycle helmets are designed to keep you safe if you crash. Once they’ve protected a skull from the pavement, some of the interior components can be damaged. Unfortunately, you may not notice the damage just from looking at it.

Safety isn’t the only reason to purchase a new bike helmet. Since people sweat while biking, the helmet absorbs a lot of that moisture. Along with the moisture can come flaking skin. Do you really want someone else’s sweat and dead skin on your hair and face? Ew!

3. Mattresses

New mattresses are almost always on sale. Watch for a sale and snag a bargain that way. Don’t mess with a used mattress.

You never know what body fluids leaked into the used mattress you’re buying. Mattresses aren’t just for sleeping on, if you know what I mean. Sleeping with that history won’t be as relaxing as snuggling up on a brand new mattress.

4. Swimsuits

Swimsuits aren’t the only personal clothing item that you shouldn’t buy used. Undergarments and lingerie also fall into this category.

They’re called personal for a reason. They come in contact with the intimate parts of your body. These body parts sometimes leak. And yes, you can wash them before wearing. But honestly, it’s better just to stick to new, unworn swimsuits. Catch them as they’re closing out for the season to get a great deal.

5. Makeup

Your hands come in contact with some pretty nasty things during the day.  When applying makeup, those germs make their way from your hands into the product and brush. While some people are good at washing their hands before they apply, others aren’t. Some people even spit in their makeup to help it apply more evenly. Think of all those germs.

Additionally, if you purchase used makeup from someone who had an infection, you’re at risk for getting the same infection. Pink eye and herpes simplex (which causes cold sores), are two prime examples of infections spread through makeup. Keep yourself healthy and stick to new makeup products.

6. Hats

When you were in school, did your school nurse warn against the danger of sharing hats? The lecture at my school was enough to discourage me. The thought of head lice, sweat, and purged skin cells made me cringe. This advice isn’t just for kids; it’s also true for adults. Think about it: Hats are rarely washed. They can hold a whole host of grossness under the brim.

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