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6 Ways to Hack Your Brain For Optimum Productivity

If you find it difficult to just “get over it and get to work”, there are less tiring ways to be productive, and a way to start is to hack your brain. If you want to reach optimum productivity in all areas of your life, there are a few things you can do. To see lasting results, try one or all six of these brain hacks.

1.      Stop Thinking (And Speaking) About The Future so Much

Unless you speak a few different languages, you probably weren’t aware of this: several languages, such as Mandarin, do not have a future tense. And it turns out that societies that don’t use future tenses in their speech are significantly better at making decisions about everything. One study even showed that cultures with languages that didn’t have future tenses made better health and financial choices. So, the secret? Stop thinking (and maybe even speaking) in future tense and watch how this affects your decision-making.

2.      Listen to Music When You Workout

It’s no secret that people feel better about working out when they are listening to music. But why is that? The obvious factor is that music is a distraction. Rather than paying attention to the pain in your muscles, you’ll be paying more attention to the music. But music also changes the way we perceive time, making it easier to “flow” and get into a meditative-state, thus working out more productively, running faster, and lifting heavy objects for longer periods of time.

3.      Smelling Good Makes Your More Attractive

Looking for a brain hack that will improve you dating life? No problem. Just spritz yourself with something that smells good. While yes, men become more attractive to women when they wear a pleasant scent simply because it smells good, there is more to it. One study showed that women were more attracted to men who wore cologne…when they saw them on videotape. These women didn’t even need to be in the same room to find the men attractive. Why? Because when men knew they smelled good, it gave them an immediate confidence boost. This confidence that they exuded was noticed by the women, thus making them more attractive.

4.      Fill Your Workspace With Personal Stuff

While colleagues might not care about your collection of family photos and see it only as clutter, it’s actually making you more productive. Fill up your work space with personal stuff that you care about because doing this creates an environment that you have control over. And when you feel that you have control over something, it makes you more productive by over 30 percent.

5.      Fix Your Sleep Cycle With a Fast

Many people find it difficult to live productively when their sleep pattern is off. Whether you suffer from a minor sleep disorder or are trying to get over jetlag, you can get back on a regular sleep cycle by not eating. The key is to go 16 hours without food. There is a biological clock in each of us that pays attention to when food is consumed. When you go all day without eating, your brain goes into a panic. Once you reach the hour that you wish to sleep, eat something to settle your mind and alert the rest of your body that you are ok and that this hour is the new bedtime.

6.      Always Pay With Cash

It’s common knowledge that when we are constantly frittering money away on unnecessary items, it’s more difficult to save and be more purposeful with what we do with money. In order to spend less, only shop with cash. When people shop with cash instead of their card, it becomes more natural for them to want to conserve it since it seems scarce.

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