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6 Ways to Save Money Over the Holiday Season

The holiday season tends to be brutal on your bank account, but it doesn’t have to be. With careful planning and clever money-saving tricks, you can have a meaningful and memorable holiday season without spending lots of money. Keep the holidays affordable this year by taking advantage of these six simple tips on saving money.

1. Set a Spending Limit

It’s easy to spend extravagantly when you don’t have a limit set in stone ahead of time. Before the holiday season even arrives, decide how much money you will spend on gifts, holiday parties, meals, and other festive expenses. A little bit of time dedicated to budgeting for the holidays will save you from a lot of time trying to pay off holiday debt.

2. Focus More on Activities and Less on Gifts

While exchanging gifts plays a large part in holiday tradition (especially for children), it doesn’t have to be the primary focus. Make this holiday season less about lavish amounts of toys and more about providing the kids with memorable experiences. Look for free or affordable events going on in your area and attend those throughout the month of December.

3. Make Gifts

Thanks to Pinterest, no longer do homemade holiday gifts have to be coined as “cheap.” Just a few minutes of researching DIY gift ideas will give you all the inspiration you need to make lovely, personal gifts for friends and family. This is the easiest way to save a large amount of money over the holiday season—while having fun crafting presents for the people in your life.

4. Shop Early

Do all your gift shopping long before the holiday season arrives and retail stores jack up their prices. The added perk of doing this is that you won’t have to navigate the chaotic shopping malls during the holiday rush. Save money and save yourself from unnecessary stress when you are shopping.

5. Shop Online

If you aren’t the type who can get all the Christmas shopping done in July, then you don’t have to stress yourself out about doing it all early. Just do it online. You can compare prices while you shop from the comfort of home and all shopping is done in a swift and convenient manner. Plus, most online shopping offers free shipping once you spend a certain amount of money.

6. Secret Santa

If you come from a large family and can’t afford to spend money on gifts for all of your siblings, parents, and other family members, consider doing a Secret Santa gift exchange. Everyone can pick a name and purchases one gift for one person. The group can even choose a spending limit. It’s fun, easy, and takes a huge burden off of everyone’s shoulders.

In Closing

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