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7 Addicting Apps to Keep You Outside and Moving

If your love for the Internet tends to keep you indoors and less active, there are now several fun apps designed to lure you outside using GPS technology. By now, you may have heard about Pokemon Go, the popular location-based augmented reality game that has over 20+ million daily active users. Games like these are designed not only to entertain, but to encourage users to be more active in the real world.

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Here are 7 fun and addicting smartphone apps designed to keep you outside and active.

1. Zombies, Run!

This highly interactive game is ideal for those who enjoy running for exercise. Launch the game and find yourself in a zombie apocalypse, where your mission is to run in order to survive. During your run, you must also collect supplies and unlock daily missions. There are times you may need to run faster just to stay ahead of zombies!

2. The Walk

Created by the same team that created Zombies, Run!, this game exchanges running for walking. Your mission is to help save the world by delivering a special package to a mysterious destination. Every time you go for a walk, you unlock more of the game’s addicting story.

3. SpecTrek

Launch SpecTrek and find yourself immersed in a world inhabited by ghouls and ghosts. Use the GPS and camera features on your phone to determine where ghosts are spawning. Then, navigate as quickly as possible to those locations in the real world to catch your monsters.

4. Geocaching

This treasure-hunting game connects you with real treasure from the real world! The app provides you with coordinates of geocaches you can find using GPS. When you get to the location, your job is to find the hidden geocache and sign the logbook. Some geocache containers contain small, sentimental trinkets for trade.

5. Field Trip

Do you ever wonder about the history of your surroundings when you commute by foot or take long walks? This app provides you with interesting facts and details about the places you pass while on a walk. Learn about local lore and about the best places to dine, shop, and have fun.

6. Sky Guide

Drive away from bright city lights and hold your iOS device up to the sky. The app will automatically align itself with the stars, and engage you in a fun interactive learning experience about planets, constellations, and more. Identify and track satellites, and get notifications when the International Space Station flies above your location.

7. Superhero Workout

This intense fitness app also from the creators of Zombies, Run! requires you to defend the world against alien forces using real-world bodyweight exercises. Go on 20 epic missions and combat aliens with punches, crunches, and squats. Lose weight and get fit while having fun zombie-apocalypse style!

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