benefits of paypal

7 Amazing and Useful Benefits of PayPal

PayPal is one of the largest online payment services in the entire world, and a secure way to shop online without releasing your financial information to new parties every time you buy something. PayPal is used by nearly everyone, from eBay and Etsy sellers, to online businesses, to consumers, and more.

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Want to learn more about the benefits of PayPal? Check out these 7 amazing benefits of using PayPal as your preferred method of payment.

1. Your Financial Data is Never Shared

PayPal doesn’t share your bank account or financial information with the other party. This can give you peace of mind if you’re concerned about identity theft or personal security. Having your personal financial information floating around in cyberspace can be scary, and increases your risk for these types of problems.

2. PayPal is Recognized and Used Universally

After PayPal was purchased by eBay in 2002, the service grew in popularity among online sellers and buyers who wanted more secure online transactions. Today, PayPal is considered a universally recognized form of payment, and is used by thousands of online and brick-and-mortar businesses independent of eBay.

3. Funds Can Be Transferred Instantly From Your Bank Account

When you’re shopping online and want to make a secure purchase, you can instantly transfer funds from your bank account to your PayPal account. This can be more convenient and less time-consuming than entering your credit card or bank account information each time you make a purchase from somewhere for the first time.

4. You Can Use Multiple Sources to Fund PayPal

If you’re making a large online purchase that requires you to use multiple bank accounts or credit cards to complete the transaction, PayPal lets you avoid the hassle. PayPal can be funded using multiple sources so you can transfer funds to PayPal, and make just one easy online payment.

5. Send Money to Friends and Family

PayPal allows you to send money to other people who also have PayPal accounts. Either use iRazoo to fund your holiday gift spending, or transfer money to the PayPal accounts belonging to your friends and family. Using PayPal is far less costly than sending paper checks or wire transfers.

6. Pay No Service Fees

The PayPal service is free for all users, and requires no annual membership fees, processing fees, or service charges. Users can make online purchases using PayPal without having to worry about hidden costs or extra fees.

7. Get Special Discounts at Certain Retailers

If you shop regularly at major retailers such as Target, Apple, and Overstock, go to PayPal’s shopping website at Check to see whether PayPal will give you a discount for using its service when making purchases from these sites. Not only does PayPal keep your personal information secure, but it can help you save money at the places you shop most frequently.

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