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7 Easy Ways to Save On Your Cell Phone Bill

Paying the cell phone bill is an absolute necessity for nearly everyone these days. After all, what else would you do if you couldn’t use your phone to schedule your next Uber ride, stream your favorite music, or earn rewards on iRazoo?

As time goes by and you’ve grown comfortable with your wireless provider, you might not realize you could be paying more than you need to for certain features and services — especially if you use a smartphone.

Have you been feeling frustrated with the cost of your cell phone bill? Check out the following 7 ways to slash your bill and save up to hundreds every year!

1. Switch to Prepaid

Prepaid, or pay-as-you-go plans, allow you to pay upfront for your cell phone service, rather than pay at the end of your billing cycle. The benefit to switching to prepaid is that you pay one fixed flat rate per month, and won’t have to worry about surprise fees or charges. Many wireless providers offer prepaid mobile plans that range anywhere between $30 to $50 per month for unlimited talking, texting and web browsing.

2. Connect to WiFi

Switch to using WiFi when spending time at places that offer free wireless Internet, such as your home, office or the local coffee shop. This allows you to conserve data so you’re not breezing through your monthly limit. This option also allows you to save minutes — but only if your smartphone has the ability to make calls via WiFi.

3. Go Secondhand

Instead of buying a new phone at full retail price or signing a contract to get a discount on a new phone, consider going the secondhand route. Websites such as eBay and Amazon offer used cell phones in excellent condition for a fraction of their full retail prices. If you can stand to wait a few extra months for that new cell phone model you’ve been eyeing, go secondhand and save up to a few hundred dollars.

4. Use Texting Apps

If text messages aren’t bundled with your current plan, consider using texting apps that allow you to send texts free of charge as long as you have a data plan. For instance, WhatsApp Messenger is used by over one billion people worldwide, and is available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

5. Watch for Roaming

When using your cell phone outside your country or region, pay attention to the carrier signal your device picks up. If you’re connected to another mobile network, you may be responsible for roaming charges, international fees and more. Avoid using your phone when roaming, or consult with your wireless provider to make sure you fully understand all costs and fees associated with roaming.

6. Avoid Data Hogs

Sure, it can be tempting to browse the web and play games while killing time away from home, but keep in mind these activities can make you reach your data limit early on. Avoid performing activities that consume data when away from WiFi, such as streaming videos or music, making video calls and playing fast-action games. Instead, save these activities for when you have access to a WiFi network.

7. Review All Options

Don’t be afraid to consult with every major wireless provider in your area to see what they’re offering to earn your business. Some providers will offer exclusive deals to win you over if they know you’re shopping around. Also, consider using sites such as WhistleOut to compare the pricing of cell phones and plans based on your individual needs as a wireless consumer.

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