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7 Fun Ways to Choose Your Next Book

So you’ve recently finished a book, and now you’re tasked with selecting your next read. If the last book you read was enjoyable and still resonating, you may feel overwhelmed about finding something else just as amazing! On the other hand, if you disliked or couldn’t finish your last book, perhaps you’re looking for inspiration that can lead you to the next great pick.

Need help figuring out how to choose your next book? Try one or all of these 7 fun ways to choose your next book!

1. Choose a Different Genre

Shake things up by going with a genre completely different than the last book you read. For instance, if you just finished reading a creepy horror novel that resulted in sleepless nights, try some humorous travel literature to lighten things up. Switching genres can also help you foster more appreciation for other writing styles and topics.

2. Stick With What Works

If you loved a book by a particular author, check out other titles by that same author. Chances are, if you love the author’s writing style, you’re bound to also love the books on their backlist. Bonus points if the author writes more than one genre!

3. Conquer Something On Your Bucket List

Have you been meaning to read the unabridged version of Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, but keep putting it off? Has everyone else read George Orwell’s 1984 except you? If you’re still stumped about what to read next, conquer a classic novel, or something on your reading bucket list you’ve been meaning to get to for awhile!

4. Sample a Few Books

You can sample food, and you can sample beauty products — why not sample books, too? Narrow your choices to about five books, then read the first few lines or pages of each book. Go with the book that has you most intrigued and interested about what happens next.

5. Go on a Double (Or Triple) Date

Who says you have to read only one book at a time? If you’re feeling indecisive, go with the book you’re in the mood for right now. Tomorrow, if you’re in the mood for something different, read that book instead. This can be a fun, spontaneous way to balance your reading life!

6. Consider the Book’s Typography

Before settling on a particular book, flip through it to see whether its typography is appealing and easy on your eyes. Typography generally refers to the style and appearance of the content, such as the font and spacing between characters. If the printed content seems unsatisfying or too difficult to read, go with something different.

7. Read a Friend’s Favorite Book

When in doubt, ask one of your favorite friends or coworkers about their favorite titles, then step outside of your comfort zone to read their recommendations. Not only will you have something new to talk about with your friend, but you might also discover a new favorite author or genre!

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