iTunes experience

7 Hacks to Enhance Your iTunes Experience

A popular one-stop shop for your favorite music, movies, and television shows, iTunes is always releasing new updates to enhance the user experience. In its earliest stages, iTunes offered simple features that allowed users to manage their MP3 collections; today, users can easily get lost trying to navigate complex features such as Home Sharing, bit rate conversions, rating systems, and more.

Love using iTunes but need help simplifying the experience? Check out the below 7 hacks that can enhance your iTunes experience; and don’t forget to sign up for iRazoo and learn how to earn free iTunes gift cards.

1. Delete Duplicate Tracks

If you frequently download new tracks and albums, it’s not uncommon to accrue several duplicate tracks—especially if you enjoy compilation albums. Free up memory on your computer by deleting duplicates in one fell swoop instead of wasting time deleting them one by one. Go to File > Library > Show Duplicate Items to view duplicates on one page so you can delete them more quickly.

2. Create Smart Playlists

Are you tired of constantly creating and updating playlists? Let iTunes automatically create and update playlists for you based on rules you specify. For example, if you listen to an iPod Shuffle during your workouts, create rules for a playlist that’s no more than 2 gigabytes and features all your highest rated dance songs. Go to File > New > Smart Playlist, create your rules, then click “OK”.

3. Retrieve Missing Purchases

If you’re having problems finding media you recently purchased, it’s possible iTunes failed to update your library. You can retrieve missing iTunes media by going to iTunes Store > Account > Check for Available Downloads. iTunes will then refresh and add the missing media to your library.

4. Delete Unpopular Tracks

If you want to free up space on your computer, consider deleting the most unpopular tracks in your iTunes library. Go to My Music > Songs, then click or tap on the “Plays” column to view the number of times you’ve listened to each track. Then, start deleting the tracks you rarely or never listen to.

5. Use the iTunes MiniPlayer

If you’re annoyed by the large iTunes window, use iTunes MiniPlayer, which takes up far less screen space, but still allows you to search for and manage songs, adjust the volume, and view album art. Go to Window > Switch to MiniPlayer to activate this feature.

6. Show the Playlist Sidebar

Newer versions of iTunes are prone to hiding the left playlist sidebar. To bring back the sidebar, simply click on “Playlists” at the top of iTunes. If the left sidebar is present but no playlists appear, click on “Show” to the right of Playlists in the sidebar.

7. Modify Track Length

Do certain tracks feature several seconds of silence at the beginning or end of songs? Point to a song title, click the options button to its right, and select “Get Info.” Click “Options,” then modify the track’s start and stop times as desired to omit the silence. This feature is also helpful for removing lengthy intros or annoying guitar riffs at the beginning or end of your favorite songs.

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