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7 Hilarious And Adorable Couple’s Costumes To Try This Halloween

For some people, Halloween is such an important holiday they will invest countless hours preparing for this spectacularly spooky day – and with meticulous Halloween planning comes deciding on the perfect costume. This year, if you and your partner (or a friend) are looking for a fun way to celebrate Halloween together, why not go in on a couple’s costume? In this post, get inspired with these seven hilarious and adorable couple’s costume ideas.

1.      Minions

Anyone who has watched the animated flicks Despicable Me and Minions knows that those devilish, yellow villain’s assistants are not just beloved by kids. Plenty of adults get a kick out of their hilarious antics as well. If you and your significant other are taking the kids to a family Halloween party or if you two are planning to attend an adult’s Halloween party, dressing up as minions is a hit for either occasion.

2.      Peanut Butter And Jelly

It may be too corny for some, but others might love the idea of dressing up as this classic American staple. Both of you can dress up as a piece of bread with one slathered in peanut butter while the other has a jelly spread. Is it cheesy? Sure. But is it adorable too? Absolutely.

3.      Anna And Elsa From Frozen

If there is a guy in the relationship with a brilliant sense of humor, convince him to dress up as Anna or Elsa from Frozen. There are plenty of Anna and Elsa costumes online, or you can get crafty and make them yourself. Couples have also been known to dress up as Anna and Olaf, so that is another option to consider.

4.      A Cop And A Doughnut

This dress-up idea might be just as cheesy as the peanut butter and jelly costume, but it is sure to get a few laughs. And if one of the parties in the relationship is already a police officer, it makes costume planning a lot less time-consuming. All you will have to do is focus on making a mouthwatering donut costume.

5.      Ghostbusters From The Old And New Films

Nothing screams “hilarious” quite like a little Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy. For hardcore Ghostbuster buffs, grab your significant other and dress up like the classic Ghostbuster characters from both movies. If you have kids and are going to a Halloween outing with everyone, get the whole family dressed up like a Ghostbuster team.

6.      Wall-E And Eve

Humans seem to really have a soft spot for robots, especially when they are from animated movies. If you loved the movie Wall-E, why not dress up as the shy robot and his love interest, Eve? If you have an artistic edge, you can cut out cardboard costumes and paint or draw on them so that they look like the robot characters.

7.      Squints And The Lifeguard

Children of the 90’s will never forget the historic moment when Squints from The Sandlot tricked the beautiful lifeguard he was crushing on into a CPR kiss. Relive some fond childhood memories of that movie by dressing up as Squints and the lifeguard. For Squints, get decked out with huge, black-rimmed glasses and a devious smile, and for the lifeguard, don a red bathing suit with red lipstick to match.

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