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8 Exciting Activities To Do With The Whole Family This Columbus Day

With most kids getting Columbus Day off from school, you can take the opportunity to indulge in a three day weekend. If you would rather your family have a festive experience instead of a day lounging in front of the TV, consider these eight adventurous activities. A long weekend will allow you to pick just one activity or attempt all eight!

1.      Plan a Block Party

Philadelphia is famous for hosting an annual Columbus Day block party with incredible food and a variety of activities. While a trip to Philly may not be practical for you, you can always opt to throw your own neighborhood Columbus Day block party. Invite friends and family to be a part of the festivities, complete with seasonal appetizers and desserts, autumn drinks, energetic music, and plenty of games. It’s easy to hold a fun party on a budget if everyone brings a dish to share.

2.      Host A Columbus Day Bowl

Football has become as much a significant part of American culture as celebrating Columbus Day itself. So why not combine the two? Gather the family and a few close friends to organize a day-long football tournament in your backyard or at the local park.

3.      Picnic In The Park

If you’re looking for an activity that is a little more low-key, but equally as exciting as a block party or football tournament, plan a family picnic in your favorite park. Have the kids help you prepare a picnic menu and enjoy hours of delicious food and fun outdoor games. It’s not always easy to get the whole family together for a leisure meal in today’s day and age, so Columbus Day is the perfect excuse to get in some quality family time.

4.      Organize A Camping Trip

Because Columbus Day falls on a Monday, it’s possible to turn this holiday into a weekend-long celebration. Weather permitting, Columbus Day weekend is the ideal opportunity to rough it in nature with the family. Pack some essentials, pitch a tent, grab some mouthwatering campfire food, and head out to the nearest state park or campground.

5.      Spend The Day In The Kitchen

If you have a family full of cooking and baking enthusiasts, the whole gang will probably have the most fun in the kitchen. Explore the variety of Old World and New World foods, use lots of spices, and bake some Columbus Day-inspired sweet treats. Don’t forget to make some ship-shaped sugar cookies for the kids to ice and decorate.

6.      Go To A Pumpkin Festival

Most small towns, cities, and rural countryside regions have plenty of pumpkin festivals popping up in the month of October. While it’s not inherently Columbus Day-related, a pumpkin festival is a great way to explore lots of pumpkin patches, colorful gourds, sweet maple syrup treats, and other fall foods. After a day of petting zoos, pumpkin picking, and apple cider donuts, bring some pumpkins home for the kids to paint and carve.

7.      Take The Kids On A Hayride

Anyone who has ever been on an autumn hayride will recall the fond memories of that experience. Don’t let your kids miss out on such a time-honored childhood activity. Rally the family and find a local hayride excursion. You can tell the kids to imagine they are going on a voyage like Christopher Columbus – but in a wagon full of hay.

8.      Try Apple Picking

Head to the nearest farm that allows customers to pick apples from the trees. The kids will love such a novel experience and after a day of gathering bushels of apples, you can teach the kids how to make applesauce, apple pies, apple cider, and other delicious, healthy apple desserts.

Discover More Ideas

There are plenty of things to do over Columbus Day weekend. Consider some of these ideas and ask the kids what they would like to do. For more tips on new ways to celebrate holidays and to explore other resourceful how-to articles, visit the iRazoo blog today.