useless kitchen gadgets

8 Useless Kitchen Gadgets You Really Don’t Need

Have you ever gone in search of a simple spatula, only to end up wrestling with a billion other utensils in your kitchen drawer? Are your kitchen countertops cluttered with dusty appliances you rarely use? If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, it might be time to clean your cabinets and rid your kitchen of these useless gadgets.

Infomercials, recipes, and attractive store displays can sometimes influence you to buy kitchen tools you don’t really need, or that you’ll only use once. Falling prey to the enticing kitchen tool industry not only clutters your kitchen, but can get costly, too.

Here are 8 useless kitchen gadgets you can avoid buying, or sell at your next yard sale!

1. Toaster

Most toasters serve one purpose, which is toasting slices of bread. If you already have a toaster oven or conventional oven, just use the toaster or broiler settings and do away with your traditional toaster. Otherwise, your toaster will continue to take up valuable space, and require frequent cleaning and dusting.

2. Pastry Bags

Pastry bags are the devices professional bakers use to apply frosting on cakes and pastries. But pastry bags are often difficult to clean, and take up lots of cabinet and drawer space. Instead, use a plastic heavy-duty zip-top bag you can dispose of after every use. Just fill the bag with frosting, snip the bottom corner, and squeeze to apply.

3. Egg Slicer

An egg slicer is used to slice peeled, hard-boiled eggs evenly and quickly. Though the gadget slices eggs within seconds, you’ll spend minutes trying to clean egg residue from the device. Stick to using a knife instead, and save drawer space.

4. Rolling Pin

A rolling pin seems like a must-have gadget to most people, but it takes up space and awkwardly rolls around on the inside of your cabinets when you’re searching for other items. If you rarely or never use a rolling pin, just keep a wine bottle on hand instead. When it’s time to cook, wrap the bottle with plastic cling wrap and proceed.

5. Spaghetti Server

This utensil is intended to help you easily move pasta noodles from the pot onto your plate. Unfortunately, spaghetti noodles will often slip out of this device and fall back into the pot, or twirl around the individual tines and get stuck. Toss this useless spaghetti spoon, and try using tongs instead.

6. Popcorn Maker

A movie-theater-style popcorn maker may seem fun and nostalgic, but is nearly impossible to clean, unless you take apart the entire gadget. Stick to using microwave popcorn brands, or go the healthier route and cook popcorn the old-fashioned way on the stovetop.

7. Wok

Woks are generally large in diameter and feature a unique bowl design that makes it easy to quickly fry meats and veggies. But the awkwardness of a wok can cause problems with kitchen storage. Unless you prepare Asian cuisine regularly, skip the wok and use a large, stainless-steel sauté pan instead, which can conduct heat just as effectively.

8. Panini Press

A panini press does no more than squeeze sandwiches between two heavy, heated surfaces. Instead of purchasing this chunky gadget that consumes counter space, place your sandwich in a heated pan, and press using a second heated pan. Or, use a heavy brick wrapped in aluminum foil in place of the second pan.

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