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8 Ways to Nail the Paid Survey Gig

Doing paid online surveys can be a fun, easy way to make extra money and supplement your existing income. Paid surveys usually won’t replace a full-time job, but they will allow you to earn a few dollars by answering questions about products, services, websites and more.

Interested in making supplemental income through paid surveys? Here are 8 ways to nail the paid survey gig and earn some extra cash.

1. Identify Legit Survey Sites

Do research before signing up for any online surveys. Look for solid, concrete information regarding how payments work, and read all fine print and FAQs on each survey site. Avoid sites that ask you to pay fees up front, since paid survey sites should be paying YOU, not the other way around.

Furthermore, take time to find out what other users are saying about the survey site. Review forums, blogs, and websites that cater to independent contractors and work-at-home moms to learn more about the legitimacy of a particular site.

2. Create a New Email Address

Most paid survey sites require you to provide an email address to confirm you’re not a robot and to send you notifications about new surveys.

Create a new email address strictly for use with paid survey sites to help cut down on the amount of “survey” spam, especially in the event you sign up for a site that blasts you with irrelevant offers.

3. Sign Up for PayPal

PayPal is an international payment system used by merchants across the globe, including paid survey sites.

Signing up for a PayPal account is free; plus, you can link PayPal with your bank account so you can transfer available funds to your bank with just a few clicks.

4. Register on Multiple Survey Sites

Considering paid surveys offer just a few bucks here and there, signing up for one or two sites probably won’t provide the extra income you’re seeking.

To make the most out of a paid survey gig, sign up for as many survey sites as possible. This increases your chances for making more money throughout the course of the week.

5. Check Email Frequently

Most survey sites send email alerts notifying you about upcoming surveys. Check email frequently, and link your account to your mobile phone so you can check email on the go.

The majority of paid surveys honor the “first come, first serve” rule, which means that if you fail to check your email in a timely manner, the opportunity for making money will go to other available users.

6. Work Your Way to Higher-Paying Surveys

At the beginning, most paid survey sites only offer a few cents for your time. If you’re not satisfied with lower payouts, be patient and complete these surveys anyway. Survey sites usually offer low payouts at first to weed out individuals who aren’t serious about the paid survey gig.

Make an effort to complete as many surveys as possible. This opens the door to higher-paying surveys that are worth your time, and shows sites that you’re serious about making money.

7. Fully Complete All Surveys

Considering some surveys offer a seemingly endless amount of questions, it can be easy to lose track of whether you’ve actually completed a particular survey.

Pay close attention to the amount of questions in the survey, and make sure you receive a message that confirms you’ve fully completed all steps. Failing to complete a survey results in zero payment, even if you’ve answered 99 out of 100 questions.

8. Keep Track of Payment

Some survey sites send payments automatically to PayPal, while others require you to log into their sites to confirm payment. Some sites require that you meet a set dollar amount before you can cash out your account. For instance, you may need to generate between $5 to $50 from surveys before you receive payment.

Keep track of all payments, and confirm payments when necessary to ensure you get paid in a timely manner.

Implementing these best practices will help you nail and master the paid survey gig. What are you waiting for? Sign up for iRazoo today and earn points and rewards for completing the surveys of your choice.