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8 Ways to Travel Internationally Without Breaking the Bank

Have you always wanted to go abroad but felt that it was far too expensive for you? Travel costs don’t have to be outrageous when you plan things the right way! Get travel-savvy with these eight helpful tips on cheap international travel.

1. Avoid Hotels

Why spend $100 or more a night for a hotel room when you could stay in a bed and breakfast for half the cost? Plenty of travelers avoid hotels altogether on their long travels. Stick to Airbnb and hostels that have great reviews. You’ll save an enormous amount of money no matter how short or long your trip is.

2. Pick Cheap Destinations

Choose travel destinations that tend to be more affordable. As a rule of thumb, if you plan to travel Europe, spend less time in the northern and western countries and more time in the southern and eastern area, as those countries are less expensive. Plenty of places throughout Asia are also affordable for travelers. Do some research and pick the destinations that won’t cost you your life savings.

3. Let a Guidebook Be Your Tour Guide

No need to book a $3,000 tour through a foreign country when you could buy a $20 guidebook and tour yourself. Do a bit of planning ahead of time and know what historical sites and destinations you want to visit during your travels. This alternative also offers the benefit of having your own flexible schedule and the freedom to wander and explore wherever and whenever you please.

4. Communicate Online

Why purchase an international cell phone plan when you can communicate with friends and family back home online? Use Skype or Facebook for messaging and video calling purposes. Additionally, download the texting and calling app WhatsApp on your phone for free so you can communicate with anyone else who has the app wherever you have Wi-Fi.

5. Avoid Tourist Trap Restaurants

No matter what city you travel to, there will be no lack of family-owned, local businesses where you can dine. Stay away from touristy restaurants with unnecessarily high prices and instead opt for some local eateries. Not only will you save money, you will have a more authentic, cultural dining experience.

6. Prepare for Airports

Sometimes airports can feel like fancy prisons filled with expensive things you don’t need—but end up buying out of boredom or desperation. Whether you have to be at the airport three hours ahead of an international flight or are there for a 10-hour layover, prepare for your time there so you don’t end up spending money on food, drinks, and entertainment that you don’t need. Pack lots of snacks in your backpack as well as a water bottle that you can refill at water fountains. Don’t forget books, magazines, music, and whatever else you need to keep yourself occupied while you wait.

7. Travel During the Off-Season

Flights are generally less expensive from October to April, so plan on doing your traveling during those months. Also, pay attention to changing flight prices by keeping an eye on them through Google flights. Buy your plane ticket on a weekday and plan to travel during the week, rather than on weekends.

8. Travel Like a Local

When you need to get from the airport to your lodging, avoid taking a taxi that is lined up at the airport. They will charge you exorbitantly more than a local cab service or an Uber would. And when you arrive at your new destination, spend more time walking than driving. You’ll save money and see a lot more than you would if you were driving everywhere.

There are plenty of other ways you can save money when traveling internationally or domestically. For more money-saving tips on travel, entertainment, food, and more, check out more iRazoo posts.