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Apartment Therapy 101: 5 DIY Décor Pieces to Add to Your Humble Abode

You don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars to create a home that you feel comfortable in and find chic. If you’re looking to enhance your interior design on a shoe-string budget, there are plenty of ways to get that done. Check out these five DIY décor pieces that you can add to your home without breaking the bank.

1.      DIY Crate Bookshelf

Who says you have to fork out hundreds of dollars for some obtrusive, antique bookshelf? Why not go for something a little more trendy and rustic (and a LOT cheaper). To create your own handmade bookshelf, you’ll need to get your hands on eight wooden crates. Sand and stain your crates and leave them to dry for eight hours. After drying, wax them with a lint-free rag and let them sit for 10 minutes. Next stack one crate vertically and the other one horizontally and drill them together to make the base. Then you’ll want to stack the second “shelf” by doing the same thing, this time setting the first one horizontal and the second one vertical. Continue this two more times until you have a complete book shelf and set up against your wall for all of your guests to admire!

2.      Rustic Mason Jar Hanging Lamps

Keeping with the rustic theme, let’s move on to these rustic mason jar hanging lamps. You’ll need small, distressed pieces of farm wood, two hooks, two chains, two mason jars, and two candles. Drill a hole in each piece of wood to fit the hooks in. Hang the mason jars on the hooks by the chains. Drill the distressed wood into the desired wall space in your home, set in some candles, and enjoy the candle lit ambiance.

3.      Hanging Pallet Coffee Mugs Wall

This one is so easy, you’ll probably want to create it as soon as you’re done reading this blog. Just find a pallet of your choice and the hooks needed to securely place in the pallet. Once you’ve set your hooks in the pallet, you can hang up this coffee mug wall on your actual wall, and adorn it with all of your favorite coffee mugs. Reaching for your coffee cup has never been so easy.

4.      Bookshelf Storage Bench

Have an old bookshelf that you have no space for? Make different use of it by turning it into a bench! Simply turn it on its side so it lies horizontal and place in the area of your home that you want it to live in. Next, find cubicle bins to fit into between each shelf space and store whatever you want in the bins. Dress the old bookshelf with some colorful cushions and pillows to turn it into a seating area.

5.      DIY Wall Art Canvases

If you think you’re not artistic enough to create brilliant art, you’re wrong. With the right tricks, it doesn’t take much to produce a gorgeous piece of wall art. Get some blank, white canvases and spray paint of your choice. Next find materials (leafs work well) to place on the canvases. Then spray paint with the desired color of paint and remove the leaves. Let the canvas dry and hang wherever you please!

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