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Back to School Madness

Get a jump start on school preparedness by using iRazoo today.

Back-to-School Shopping

  • Log in — Make sure that you log in right away so that any earned points can be assigned to your iRazoo account.
  • To shop by category, go to the “Earn Points” tab and hover over it with your mouse until you see the drop down selections. Select “Shopping” and either search or browse, and earn points as you make purchases.

Here are a few school supply necessities you can earn by category, to get you started:

Supplies for Young Ones

Morning Routine: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, hairbrush, washcloth, vitamins

Electronics: portable electronics, laptops and computers, tablets, smartphones, calculators

School Supplies: backpacks, lunchbox, water bottle, paper, notebooks, binders, rulers, pencils, pens, highlighters, glue, crayons

Snacks: granola bars, chips, crackers, raisins, fruit snacks

Supplies for Bigger Kids

Let’s not forget our kids who are leaving for a college or university. Dorm rooms and apartments need furnishings, and you can use iRazoo to get your college-bound student ready for fall. Find deals on:

  • Bedding
  • Bathroom
  • Home furnishings
  • Kitchenware

Back-to-School Clothes

With the onset of fall it’s time for new clothes, and you can find all kinds of deals on clothing and accessories on the iRazoo shopping tab. Search and browse for items such as:

  • Shoes
  • Girls Fashion
  • Boys Fashion
  • Toddlers clothing
  • Young Men’s clothing
  • Junior Girl’s clothing

Searching for School

Use the iRazoo site as your main search tool for all school topics, and increase your chances of earning iRazoo points every single time you search. Here’s how to get started:

  • Log In — this is an essential step so that you can start earning iRazoo points immediately.
  • Go to the “Earn Points” tab and hover until you see the drop down. Select “Search” and start searching. The search results will give you links to sites, just like a standard search engine.
  • Earn points the more you search! Points are awarded randomly, and you can make it even easier by downloading the iRazoo toolbar here.

Here are a few searchable topics on school and academics that will not only increase your knowledge but could earn you iRazoo points:

  • Find your child’s website! Most schools have a website where you can read about the staff, after-school care and other general information.
  • Research your school rating. Most schools across the United States are rated online, and you can read the community’s reviews.
  • Research what your child will be learning by grade. Many sites list in detail by age and/or grade what you can expect your child to be learning that year.
  • Research emotional and behavioral norms for your child’s age range. Find information on benchmarks and hear from other parents on strategies concerning behavior.
  • Find local after-school activities. There are many regional directories that will provide insight into what your neighborhood or area has to offer.