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Bad Weather? 5 Activities to Keep the Kids Busy

When the weather turns nasty, we naturally keep the kids indoors. If you are experiencing a long stretch of bad weather, chances are the kids are going to become bored. Thankfully, with a little imagination and a few supplies you probably already have, you can come up with some new ways to keep the kids entertained while the weather is frightful. Here are some ideas to consider:

Bake with a New Recipe

Sweet treats are always a way to help keep a child’s attention, so look for a new recipe you can prepare together. Give the kids cookbooks and ask them to pick a new cookie or cupcake recipe to try. Let them help you measure ingredients, mix, pour, and scoop. If you are making cutout cookies, let the kids choose the cookie cutter shapes. While the goodies are baking, have the kids help you clean up to help pass the time. For additional fun, look through your party supplies for fun plates and cups to serve the treat on along with cold milk.

Go Bowling at Home

Contrary to what it sounds like, this is not dangerous. You can make your own bowling set out of water bottles, soda bottles, or any plastic bottles you have around. You can fill them with water to make it more challenging for older kids, or leave them empty for beginners. Use a rubber ball that you probably have in the toy box as the bowling ball. Set up the bottles in a bowling pin pattern, then have the kids stand back and take turns throwing the ball to knock over the bottles.

Have a Movie Marathon

Another fun thing to do on a day of bad weather is to enjoy some of your favorite movies. Make some fun treats to enjoy with your movie. Popcorn is a standard favorite, but you can also get creative with other snack mixes that your kids prepare themselves. One delicious treat is a combination of equal parts animal crackers, fruit flavored ring cereal, and pretzels. This is a great mix that is inexpensive and easy to keep on hand. Curl up on the couch or make a cozy spot on the floor with blankets and pillows and enjoy a day of movie watching.

Purge Toys to Donate

If you would prefer to be productive on a day of bad weather, take the opportunity with your kids to go through their toys and choose some to donate. Explain to them the importance of helping others by giving. Not only will they be helping someone else, but it will also help their rooms seem less cluttered. Once they are done, box up the donations and place them in the car to drop off to a local charity once the weather clears up.

Stamp Crafts

Stamp crafting is simply finding things around the house to use as a stamp. Apples, pears, and potatoes are really fun to use. They make fun shapes that the kids can then embellish with funny faces and other designs. Sponges cut up into interesting shapes also work well for stamping. Dip the stamps in paint and then press them onto t-shirts, tote bags, or just paper. You can use nearly anything you can find as a stamp.

There is always something to do when the kids are bored. The goal is to get creative and think outside of the box. For more creative ways to keep busy and pass the time, visit the iRazoo blog for more information.