iRazoo Social Media

5 Benefits of Connecting with iRazoo on Social Media

Are you ready to maximize your iRazoo points? It’s easy when you connect with iRazoo on social media. You can follow iRazoo on Twitter and “Like” us on Facebook.

Once you’re connected, here are five benefits you’ll find:

1. Be Notified of Promotional Codes

Promotional codes are an easy way to earn points with iRazoo. These codes are shouted out on social media, so you’ll want to check iRazoo’s feed daily to ensure you don’t miss any.

Once you see a promo code, head over to your iRazoo account. In the menu you’ll see a “Promo Codes” section. Click here and enter the code in the box.

You’ll want to be careful to check that you’ve carefully copied the code. If you have an extra space in there, it won’t’ work. These codes are case sensitive, so make sure you have capital letters in the right position.

2. Be Notified of Special Offers

On the iRazoo Facebook page we occasionally share special offers that arise. We will share which company the offer is with, and how many points you can earn. You’ll find these offers in the “Complete Offers” section of your dashboard.

Not everyone has the same offers, so you may not find the exact offer that was shared. However, you’ll find plenty of other ways to earn points!

3. Be Able to Easily Share with Your Friends and Earn Points

When you share your invite code with friends on social media, you’ll earn points for everyone you refer.  If you’ve already connected with iRazoo, it will show your friends that your referral code is genuine. It shows that iRazoo is a site you trust and actually use to earn gift cards, not just another Internet scam to avoid.

4. Be Able to Quickly See What New Blog Posts Are About

The iRazoo blog shares some great tips for saving money, maximizing your points on iRazoo and living life to the fullest. Each time a new blog post goes live, it gets shared on the iRazoo Facebook page and Twitter feed.

From these social media platforms, you can get a quick glimpse of each article. You can read a couple of sentences about the post and decide if it’s something you’d like to read. This can save you time from having to go check out the blog to see if there’s new content you’re interested in.

5. Receive A Reminder to Earn Points

Simply seeing iRazoo posts in your social media feeds can remind you to head to the site and earn some points. Since you get a Daily Bonus of 25 points just for logging in each day, that’s an easy way to get points to put towards a gift card of your choice.

It’s easy to get busy in life and forget about your quest to earn gift cards. When you’ve connected with iRazoo, you’ll be reminded of point-earning opportunities when you check into your social media accounts.

Have You Connected Yet?

If you haven’t yet connected with iRazoo, you’re missing out. So, head over to their Facebook page and Twitter profile and maximize your earning potential.