Best Podcasts to Follow for Money-Saving Tips

An educational podcast can be found on nearly any topic, and money issues are well covered in the greater podcast library. Podcasts are audio recordings that can be accessed from a computer, smartphone, or tablet. We think they’re a great way to learn on the go, so we listen while we’re commuting, jogging, or even cooking dinner.

We have put together a great list of personal finance podcasts! We love the strategies these hosts share to help listeners save, earn, and spend money wisely.

Each of these podcasts can be found on iTunes for free—after all, we don’t want to spend money just to learn how to save it! We stay current on all of our favorite podcasts by subscribing to the ones we love, so that we receive notifications when new episodes are released.

Afford Anything

Money-related decisions affect everyone, and can often present significant obstacles. Host of the Afford Anything podcast Paula Pant interviews people from all walks of life to talk about those important economical decisions. Her position is that having a positive relationship with money can really help people live their dreams!

Stacking Benjamins: Earn, Save, and Spend Money with a Plan

Personal finance vocabulary can be confusing and overwhelming. That’s why we love this jargon-free podcast. Stacking Benjamins helps us understand money topics while improving our financial literacy. We’ve learned ways to save, invest, pay off debt, and lots more. All information is presented in an approachable style.

The Dough Roller Money Podcast

Rob Berger, host of The Dough Roller Money Podcast, wants to help all listeners get the most from their money. Whether he is interviewing experts or sharing tips from his own experience, we love how much he teaches about money management in every single episode!

Radical Personal Finance

We didn’t think a dry topic like finance could ever be described as “radical,” but we’ve been proven wrong! Joshua Sheats of Radical Personal Finance aims to teach listeners about all stages of financial independence while explaining ways to progress through the stages.

The Dave Ramsey Show

We know Dave Ramsey is a popular name in the money saving world. No matter when we’re available to listen, we love catching up on his talk-radio show in podcast format. We’re always inspired by the success stories he features from real people, as well as Dave’s trusted advice on a variety of financial topics.

 You Need a Budget

Sticking to a budget usually helps us maximize our savings. If you need motivation to stay on budget like we do, the You Need A Budget podcast is for you. Even if you don’t use their software to track your own budget, we love the tips they share for saving, earning, and spending to help us manage money.

Listen Money Matters!

Do personal finance matters usually put you to sleep? That’s why we love the entertaining stream of information we get from Listen Money Matters! This show is easy to listen to and educational. Each episode shares steps we can take immediately to make our money work for us.

What Would You Add to this List?

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